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13 Great Spa Marketing Ideas

A spa is a great business to have because the focus of your business is to help people find a way to relax. It’s a natural tempting place to spend money and it’s a destination business that people will seek out. Spas are also a growing trend in a number of today’s communities, which means your competition is growing more fierce with every passing day. The better your marketing campaign is now, the brighter your future will be.

That’s what these marketing ideas are intended to help you create for yourself. It all begins with your ability to provide a consistent experience for each customer that walks through your doors. When people know that they’ll be able to relax when they frequent your business, then you’ll have the opening you need to utilize these other critical ideas.

Creative Spa Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

1. Host Discounted Events
The whole point of marketing is to get added exposure for your business, so offer discounted events to local employers so that groups will head in your direction. They’ll feel like they’re getting a great deal and you’ll get to show off the benefits of your spa in the most effective way possible.

2. Have a Loyalty Program
Frequent users of your spa deserve frequent rewards and that’s what a loyalty program will provide. Some spas have a successful paid loyalty program, while others use a free program that is based solely on sales. Either way, you’ll be giving your customers a chance to earn their way to some great rewards.

3. Offer Free Touch-Ups
The value of feeling confident and beautiful cannot be overstated, which means you’ve got a great place to begin building relationships. A free touch-up service will help people feel at their very best for whatever event they have coming up and that confidence will translate into brand loyalty for your spa when they taste personal success.

4. Create Combo Deals
Fast food agencies have been doing this for decades because it works. When there’s a combination of services that is offered at a small discount over purchasing the items individually, more sales occur because the customers feels like they’re getting more value for their money. In return, you’re getting more money than you normally would because let’s face it – a lot of customers are pretty cheap when push comes to shove.

5. Always Promote New Services and Products
Every new service you provide is an excuse to write a press release and submit it to all of your local media. The same is true with the new products that you might be representing. Will you get a lot of media exposure? Maybe… or maybe not. Either way, it only takes about 10 minutes to create a good press release. Better yet – hire a professional on a freelance website like Fiverr or Elance and have it done for you.

6. Have Social Media Contests
Regular social media contests that provide valuable prizes will help to boost traffic for your pages and give you added exposure. Picture caption contests will generate lots of comments while other contests, like a stressed out picture, will help you be able to engage with people to form relationships. If you don’t get traffic, then that’s feedback for you to start pushing your social media presence more than you have been.

7. Engage, Engage, Engage
You’ve got to be where your customers are if you’re going to be able to form relationships. If the people who use your spa are on Twitter and you’re on Facebook, how effective is your social media engagement? If your customers love to golf and you’re at the bowling alley, are you really going to reach your targeted demographic? It’s not about what you like. It’s about what your customers do! Be there and they’ll come to you.

8. Build It and They Will Come
New services mean new ways to relax so look to innovate constantly. Sometimes innovation comes not from new services, but new pricing structures for existing services. It could mean adding time to a treatment or creating new packages that will add a new sense of luxury to your spa. Any time you make the effort to build value, people will come.

9. Value Is an Ongoing Process
Providing a quality experience is just one way to provide customers with value that will set you apart from the competition. Get email addresses from your customers and send them helpful tips to relax and feel beautiful regularly. Run a blog that offers tips and tricks to create a home spa environment. Talk about ways to eliminate stress naturally. All of this has added value and will keep your spa at the top of your customer’s mind on a weekly basis.

10. Create Simple Choices
People like variety, but they also like simple choices that require a yes or no answer. If you have to ask people which specific services they want with their spa day or what variation of products they might want, you’ll create a level of needless discomfort that could result in fewer overall customers over time.

11. Give Someone a Bonus
A bonus at the end of a checkout process helps people confirm a sale because you’ve just added a little extra value to the deal. It doesn’t have to be an expensive product to be effective either. A $1 chapstick works as well as a 10% discount on future services.

12. Do Your Own Direct Mail
If you’ve got your customer’s addresses, then you’ve got a gold mine of a resource to use. Print up your own postcards up and mail them out to your customers to advertise a special or deal that you’re running. This encourages a repeat response and adds a level of exclusivity to your spa services because not everyone will get the discount.

13. Use Testimonials
When you’ve got people saying good things about your spa, then you have a reliable marketing effort that will encourage customers to visit who may have been previously on the fence. Testimonials are a lot like online reviews and people naturally trust them… but they can spot a fake one from a mile away. Be authentic, offer customers a discount for going on camera, and you’ll have an effective marketing idea for your spa.

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