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125 Catchy FFA Slogans and Sayings for T-Shirts

The Future Farmers of America has been committed for more than 90 years to the education of promotion of agricultural education. These catchy FFA slogans and sayings for t-shirts serve as the perfect type of example to the type of pride and fun that is associated with this experience.

…So God Made FFA Members.
A Helping Hand for Our Fellow Farmers and Ranchers.
A Humble Kind of Pride.
A Tradition Unlike Any Other.
A Way of Life.
Agriculture Is More Than Just Cows & Plows.
Agriculture is the Backbone of America.
An Industry That Feeds You Is An Industry Worth Fighting For.
Any Time Spent in the Barn is a Good Time.
Barnyard Selfie.
Been There, Herd That.
Best Chapter Ever.
Better is Best.
Blame it all on my Roots.
Bleed Gold.
Born to Farm.
Can You Handle This.
Changing the World One Chapter at a Time.
Clean, Green, Farming Machines.
Corn in the U.S.A.
Cow Whisperer.
Cowboy Up. Or Go Sit in the Truck.
Crazy Pig Lady.
Eat. Sleep. Breathe. FFA.
Every Day Is A Good Day To Be A Farmer.
Farm On!
Farmers Don’t Take the Easy Road.
Farmers Make It Grain.
FFA Advisor: Owl Teach You!
FFA Dad.
FFA For Life.
FFA Living to Serve.
FFA Makes a Positive Difference in the Lives of Students.
FFA Members Are A-maize-ing.
FFA Mom Forever Blue.
FFA. Yeah, we Judge.
FFA: Forever Blue.
Food, Water, and Energy, Oh My!
Girls Best Friend.
Give a Darn.
Goats, Grace and Cupcakes.
God Found Some of the Strongest Women and Made Them FFA Moms.
Good Things Come to Those that Hustle.
Grown By Nature.
Hard Work: What it Really Takes is More Than You Would Expect.
Here’s To Those Who Work In Acres, Not In Hours.
How Sweet The Ground.
I Believe in the Future of Agriculture.
I Bleed Black & Gold.
I Farm. You Eat.
I Just Want to Pet My Dog and Go to Sleep.
I Love Showlife.
I Support FFA.
I Wear the Blue Jacket.
I’m Just Here To Pet The Animals.
I’d Rather Be Showing.
If the Mud Ain’t Flying. You Aren’t Trying.
If You Ate Today, Thank A Farmer.
In Nature We Trust.
iPlow. iPlant. iHarvest.
Judge Livestock Not People.
Keep Calm and Convention On.
Keep Calm and FFA On.
Keep Calm and Join FFA.
Keep Your Soul Clean & Your Hands Dirty.
Leaders In The Field.
Learn. Lead. Succeed.
Learning to Do. Doing to Learn. Earning to Live. Living to Service.
Life Is Better On The Farm.
Life Without FFA? I Don’t Think So!
Life’s Short, Play In The Dirt.
Living to Serve.
Lovin’ the Farm Life.
Made in America: Agricultural Education.
Meet You in the Middle.
More Tha Just Steers and Gears.
Naked & Hungry.
Never Hope for It. More Than You Work for it.
No Better Life Than the Stock Show Life.
No Farmers. No Food. No Future.
No Farms. No Food.
No Fear. No Fences. All In.
No Matter Who You Are the Emblems Got Your Back Literally.
Not Always a Farmer, but Forever a Leader.
On a Mission to Protect the Tradition.
Only Blue Will Do.
Past. Present. Future. We’ll Always be Here.
Practice Like You’ve Never Won. Perform Like You’ve Never Lost.
Rocking the AG Swag.
Rooted In Nature.
Rough Hands. Farmer Tan. Dirty Boots. Country Roots.
Some Heros Wear Satin Capes, We Wear Corduory Jackets.
Some People Dream of Success. We Work Hard to Achieve It.
Stand Out from the Herd. FFA.
Straight Outta FFA.
Success Through Agriculture.
T.G.I.F. – Thank Goodness I Farm.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.
The Family That Shows Together, Grows Together.
The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It.
The Harvest Is Plentiful, But The Laborers Are Few.
The Milk. The Whole Milk. Nothig But the Milk.
The Tradition Continues.
There’s No End to Agriculture.
Think While Its Still Legal.
Think’n Outside the Barn.
Top of the Crop.
Tradition Meets Innovation.
Unleash Your Passion.
We Are FFA Nation.
We Are Growers and Showers.
We Aren’t Just Cows and Plows… We Are Leaders & Achievers.
We Didn’t Invent Corduroy. We Just Make it Look Good.
We Grow it All in California.
We Make a Living By What We Get.
We Were Tagging Before Tagging was Cool.
What You Plant Now, You Will Harvest Later.
Who Needs a License… When you Can Drive a Tractor.
Work Harder Than You Think You Need Yesterday.
Work Smarker, Not Harder.
Year of the Farmer.
You Ain’t Met My FFA Yet.
You Might Be An FFA Member if You Think This is the Greatest Debate of All Time.
You Show Girl.

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