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125 Best Eco Friendly Team and Group Names

Being conscience of the environment requires taking measurable steps to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our natural resources. These eco friendly team names are just an example of how like minded people join together for a common effort to preserve our planet.

All Organic
Alliance for Sustainability
Ban the Bottle
Big Green
Changing Tides
Chic Ecologist
Clean & Green
Clean Earth
Clean Energy Now!
Clean Team
Climate Crew
Conserve 2 Preserve
Cozy Earth
Don’t Be Trashy
Earth Angel
Earth Easy
Earth Mamas
Earth Wise
Easy Eco Living
Eco Cult
Eco Focal
Eco Friend
Eco Geek
Eco Office
Eco Warriors
Eco Watch
Eco Well
Emblems of the Earth
Environmental Alliance
Ethical Unicorn
Forces of Nature
Forged Forward
Global Stewards
Go Green or Go Home
Going Zero Waste
Good Planet
Green & Clean
Green 4 U
Green Defenders
Green Divas
Green Door
Green Dreamer
Green Gang
Green Global
Green Gremlins
Green Handle
Green Hurricane
Green is the New Black
Green Lightning
Green Living
Green Mama
Green Miles
Green Mountain Boys
Green Moxie
Green Prophet
Green Samaritan
Green Shirts
Green Style Mom
Green Talk
Green to the Extreme
Green Waves
Green Your Decor
Greens Your Color
Groovy Green
Incredible Hulks
Jolly Green Giants
Kind Life
Kiss the World
Little Eco Footprints
Little Green
Love Your Mother
Mean in Green
Mighty Greenwaves
Mindful Mamas
Mommy Greenest
Moral Fibres
Mother Natures Minions
Natural Beauties
Natural Papa
Nature Moms
Nature Nurturers
Nature’s Beauty
Not Mean, Just Green
Peace Posse
Petite Planet
Planet Protectors
Planet Save
Planeteers Pollution Patrol
Pollution Patrol
Rebirth Our Earth
Recycle Nation
Simple Living
Small Footprints
Solar Power
Sustainable Daily
The Earth Nurturers
The Eco Minions
The Eco Warriors
The Elemental Warriors
The Evergreens
The Green Beans
The Green Light Gang
The Green Team
The Lettuce League
Third Planet Crusaders
Tree Huggers
Tree People
Triple Threat — Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
Urban Twins
Warrior Princesses
We Mean Green
Wellness Mama
Women of Green
World Cleaners
Zero Waste

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