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12 Billion Dollar Startup Valuations


Successful Billion Dollar Startup Companies

Are you thinking about starting up a business or company? Although your idea may start off very small, keep in mind the potential of your business. People have started up companies that are now worth billions of dollars. Twitter and Facebook are among the most popular billion dollar startup companies.

Start Off With an Idea

Have an idea? That’s a great starting point. However, there’s a lot more to creating a successful billion dollar startup besides an amazing idea. Don’t have an idea for a startup company, but have time, dedication and diligence. Fine, there are ways to help you build and formulate a unique business plan.

Don’t have an idea for a startup which could potentially be worth billions of dollars. Start thinking of a need you, your family members or friends have and find a way to fill it. The key to successful business startups is to find a group of individuals who have a problem for which there is no available solution. This is the beginning of a brilliant idea.

Study Competitors

Once your idea is in place you need to find out more about your competitors. Remember your prospective competitors are essential components to the success of your startup. You should research your competitors companies and ascertain information that could potentially help your business. You should find out what their clients and customers enjoy and what still needs improvements. You can take this information and help centralize your initial idea to fill a void in the market you know exists.

Start Designing

Your idea will help you design and build your website. Remember when your browsing the web you tend to visit sites that initially attract your attention, usually within the first 5 seconds. So, you must do the same with your webpage. You need to figure out what captures your intended audience’s attention and incorporate that within your website. You should make navigating through your webpage easy and simple, so that even the least computer savvy person can access and utilize your services.

Work Hard

Your company’s success is a direct measurement of the amount of hard work you place into your company. Remember that what’s successful to you may be drastically different from what someone else considers to be successful. Although everyone would like to have a billion dollar startup, not everyone will have this amount of success.

There are several companies which are now considered billion dollar startups due to the amount of money their company made since their development. Some of the most well-known billion dollar startups include Box, Dropbox, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is worth approximately $48 billion which is why their company is so successful when compared to other billion dollar startups. You would expect a company of this magnitude to have hundreds of thousands of employees. However, Facebook only has 3,976 employees compared to Groupon which is worth 3.56 billion and has 10,000 employees.

Will you be the next billion dollar startup?

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