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The $393,000 Watch Made By Ferrari


The New Innovative Duo: Supercars And Super Watches

Are you the type of person to purchase a nice expensive outfit and then go out to buy a pair of shoes only to match that one particular outfit? Shopping is inevitable for many people because most people get an adrenaline rush from spending money. Now take that same shopping thrill and multiple it by hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have just generated the type of adventure that buyers of supercars and super watches experience.

Do you own a fast luxurious car? Due to the growing demand to drive faster more expensive cars, men now have a market to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Defining a Supercar

Supercars are very fast, powerful, expensive sports cars. Racing technology is created and designed specifically to enhance muscle cars, sports cars as well as other automobiles designed with these racing specifications. Elite automakers take a rather standard car and make power and performance based modifications to help make a well-produced supercar. In some instances, a supercar is a custom made car designed exclusively for showcase purposes.

People’s extreme interest in cars has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years. However, today with new technological advancements comes new innovations. These innovations are present in modern day luxury cars. Why stop here!

Creating Super Watches

Handheld electronic devices including cellular phones, iPads, tablets, and pocket pc’s are also at the forefront of these major innovations. Yet, there’s something far more exciting. The innovation of super watches has now expanded to the same market as supercars.

Are you already an owner of a supercar? Great! Now it’s time to purchase your supercar counterpart, a luxurious super watch. We are not talking about a Rolex or watches designed by Emporio Armani, Gucci, or Versace.

What exactly constitutes a super watch? A super watch is a specially designed watch that has the capability of working in other locations including underwater and in outer space. Watchmakers are now able to defy gravity with innovations like the super watch.

Since supercars and super watches go hand-in-hand, one cannot exist independent of the other. Are you already an owner of a Ferrari, preferably a Ferrari 458 Italia? Your Ferrari turns plenty of heads. Try purchasing a Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari to turn even more heads. This ultra-high tech watch costs $393,800 which is approximately a hundred thousand more than most Ferrari supercars. This lovely duo is for the insanely rich; however, if you’re looking for a statement piece with a modest price tag no need to look any further.

Some people will rather spend more on a supercar than a super watch, which is quite understandable. There are several superwatches for less than $20,000 including the Graham London Mercedes GP Time Zone, Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang Morgan, Breitling Barnato, Jaereg-LeCoultre AMVOX2 and Parmigiani Tourbillion which comes free with the purchase of a Bugatti Galibier. Choose the superwatch which best matches the unique style of your supercar.

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