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12 Attraction Marketing Strategies

When you’re working as a self-employed entrepreneur, no matter what the industry might be, you’ve got to work smarter instead of harder to increase your profit margins. You’re already at a competitive disadvantage because you likely have a limited marketing budget, your time is spent doing the actual work that needs to be done. Even if you’ve got employees, you’re checking their quality of work. That’s where your attraction marketing strategies can really set up apart from the rest of the pack.

It all begins with your ability to provide a singular image to your targeted customer base. Because your brand is personal, you’ve got to combine the worlds of science and art together so that you create an attractive first impression. When you put a good taste into someone’s mouth, that first impression will open up a bank account fast! If you leave a bad first taste, you’ll be ignored and a prospect will bounce into a competitor’s sales funnel. You’ve got 30 seconds or less… what does your personal brand say?

Best Attraction Marketing Strategies That Work

1. Be Fresh
An attractive appearance doesn’t just apply to how you actually look on a day-to-day basis. It also applies to the presence you have on the internet today. You’ve got to create a good overall user experience [UX] from start to finish in order to connect to your customer base – especially when your target group is other entrepreneurs. Any hiccup in the sales process is a chance for someone to change their mind. Don’t give them an excuse.

2. Always Represent
Every interaction you have with someone during the day is an opportunity to extend your brand. Something as simple as a business card while buying your coffee will represent your brand. Branded apparel can provide in-person recognition that can translate to the web UX. Even your online interactions will represent your brand. Put your logo onto Skype. Have a v-card in each email. Have helpful links throughout your social media presence.

3. Engage
Relationships have been at the core of all business opportunities since the beginning of time. Even the relationship that Abel had with God gave him an advantage over those of his brother Cain if you believe the Genesis story. Build relationships across all your platforms with an authentic, engaging response and you’ll attract a lot of attention to your marketing efforts.

4. Be Positive
Misery loves company, but not in the business world. Be a positive influence with those you interact with every day to encourage interaction with your business. If you create smiles through your overall UX, then you’ll create the warm fuzzy feelings that people want to have when they make an investment into you.

5. Be Practical
Just as your business plan must be practical in order to succeed, so must your marketing pitch be. If you make lofty claims about what your services can provide, then you’re not going to find many takers because you’ll be too good to be true. If your claims seem lofty, provide evidence of your successes to eliminate doubts. Otherwise offer a practical look at what you can do and you’ll create the foundations of loyalty.

6. Provide Insight
Insight is the only way to provide value to someone before they make a purchase. Your insights will speak of your entrepreneur creativity, your experience, and your ability to tell a good story. If you can’t connect with someone on a 1-to-1 level, even if all that person sees is your home page, then you’re setting the stage where you’ll fail more than you succeed.

7. Network Like a Pro
Focus your networking through a series of satisfied customers instead of entrepreneurs that are non-competitive. You might get some referrals from an entrepreneur network, but you’ll get more referrals from satisfied customers that want to become your ambassadors. These ambassadors will share your brand and counter any negative experiences that others may have had with either you or your brand.

8. Incentives Work
Any incentive that holds real value to an existing customer will help to build a referral network. Make it valuable for the new customer in your sales funnel and the happy customer who has acted as your ambassador. This way you’ll be able to add another champion of your brand thanks to a job fulfilled that beats their expectations and further your reach.

9. Pay It Forward
Offering quality advice will always pay off. If you become a trusted advisor to others within your field, you’ll be seen as the niche expert and people will eventually come to you for their business needs. It’s easy to become this expert through your online efforts! Post helpful tips and strategies on your blog, link your social media pages to helpful tools that others can use, and you’ll solve many problems by offering a number of solutions.

10. Answer Questions
Dedicate 30 minutes out of every day just to answer questions that you find online. This will eventually provide a number of quality links back to your preferred web presence and this will feed the impression that you’re a real expert. This works in-person as well, so think about scheduling seminars, sales presentations, webinars, or even a Reddit Q&A.

11. Be Versatile
Don’t limit yourself to just one form of marketing content. Know what your target demographics prefer and then market yourself in that way. Be flexible, look for outsourcing opportunities if necessary, and then say it all at once in the preferred medium of your demographics to enhance your credibility.

12. Be a Pillar
Create content that will have lasting value for years to come so you only have to invest a small amount of sweat equity. Pillar content is different than news-based content because there is rarely an expiration date. It will be relevant 24 months from now just like it is today. Just visit your content from time to time and tweak it if necessary and you’ll attract attention every day passively instead of having to react daily.

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