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11 Terrific Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

Being a chiropractor can be a rewarding career, but you do have some challenges ahead of you as your practice begins. You’ve got to get yourself recognized in your community. You will likely need to network with other chiropractic specialists so you don’t rob them of their business and create ill feelings. Even the quality of the office you choose can be a benefit or a detriment depending on your primary customer base.

It all begins with the ease of access that you can provide. There are a lot of chiropractors that focus on pushing as many people as possible through the office so that revenues can be maximized. Instead of turning everything into a rushed experience, slow it down a little and focus on the person. Meet other needs beyond just the need to have a back adjusted and you’ll create a circle where paying it forward will often mean more clients.

Creative Chiropractic Marketing Strategies that Grow Your Business

1. Always Appreciate
You’ll always be able to retain clients when you consistently show them how much you appreciate them. Schedule a monthly appreciation day where you have some special events going on. It doesn’t have to be anything really fancy or glamorous. Even a basic cookout for lunch will be something that your clients will enjoy that won’t cost you a whole lot. Just make sure you advertise your monthly days to maximize results.

2. Provide Some Education
Back health is one of those mysterious subjects for people where they think they know a lot, but really know very little. Provide a little education in the office during your slow periods with a free health seminar. You won’t have to book an extra meeting space and your clients will benefit from the information you give them about how to take better care of themselves.

3. Improve Your Wait Times
There is nothing worse than sitting at the doctor, waiting for an appointment that is 20 minutes late and all of your magazines are from 1997. If you can make your wait times be 5 minutes or less, you’ll find a lot more people are willing to give you a chance.

4. Occupy Their Time
If you can’t bring down your wait times to about 5-10 minutes max, then provide something valuable that can occupy their time until they can get in for their appointment. Free WiFi from a hotspot is a great way to do this because professionals can keep being productive while they wait and others can check-in with YouTube, social media, or pretty much anything else and you’ll get fewer complaints.

5. How Is That Bathroom?
One of the most successful marketing efforts that McDonald’s ever did was to promote the cleanliness of their bathrooms. Why do clean bathrooms work to bring in clients? Because it shows that you’re willing to focus on the fine details of the customer experience. A dirty bathroom might mean you don’t wash down or disinfect your table regularly- if at all. If that sweaty guy just leaked salty bodily fluids over the table and you’re the next client, what would give you more confidence?

6. Stay In Touch
Birthday cards have been a marketing strategy for decades because of one simple reason: it works. It’s a way to show your clients that you appreciate them enough and your relationship with them to think of them on their birthday. You can expand this thought to encompass other holidays or personal events, like the 1 year anniversary of their first appointment with you.

7. Nothing Beats a Personal Note
People always, always, always love the personal touch when it comes to marketing. It makes people feel special because you’ve specifically written them or talked to them on a 1:1 basis about how you can personally solve their problems for a fair, competitive price. A great marketing strategy is to just take 15-20 minutes every day and write a quick personal note to clients in your database. You can then mail them out, hand them out during their next appointment, or email the notes if you collect addresses during your registration process.

8. Keep People Up To Date
A practice newsletter is a great way to show your clients a little extra value without having to spend a lot of sweat equity to make it happen. Put together a couple articles about back health, talk about upcoming events like your patient appreciation day, and throw in a testimony or two that describes how authentically awesome you are. People will enjoy the information, appreciate the reviews, and plan on attending your appreciation days if they can make it.

9. Build Referrals Like This
An intimate, personal dinner is one of the most effective ways to build a referral network if you’re just starting out. Bring together 5-10 of your regular clients and have dinner together somewhere. Have them invite a guest so you get an instant referral. The word-of-mouth advertising that you’ll get from these events will also provide you with a number of referrals.

10. Go Beyond the Swag
Just about every chiropractor has a pen with their name and address on it. When was the last time you saw an iPhone cover with a chiropractor’s name and address on it? You’ve got to go beyond the swag to make an impression with an office giveaway. If you are taking on this marketing strategy, then see what it is that your clients need and then provide it. That way you’ll get years of life and exposure with your giveaways instead of the few minutes a pen operates before it malfunctions and gets thrown away.

11. Create Brand Ambassadors
When people experience a high level of service, they are often willing to share about the good things they’ve received. You can make this an easy task for them by providing them with promotional materials they can hand out, like a free first consultation or discounts on future visits. Make sure to reward your ambassadors in some way as well so they’ll keep saying good things about you.

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