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11 Statistics on Usage Share of Web Browsers


Latest Trends on Internet Browser and Screen Resolutions

Due to technological advancements, individuals are now exposed to a world that is more modern and web-based. They have gained immense benefits brought by latest improvements and innovations. Individuals are spending more time online doing unlimited browsing and streaming. The convenience and ease in doing online activities are the things that they owe to internet browser and screen resolutions. No wonder, there has been ongoing trends on these as viewed and observed these days.

Internet Browser

To be able to completely understand these trends, you first have to be familiar with the subjects of these trends. Internet browser is defined as a reliable software application that functions in presenting, traversing and presenting information sources to the worldwide web. A particular information resource is clearly identified by a URL or may be an image, video or other essential pieces of content. Internet browser is the program that is being utilized in accessing internet and viewing web pages directly on the computer.

Most Popular Browsers

The most common internet browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and more. The use of these well-known web browsers had been changed when the Google Chrome was released in 2008. Aside from internet browsers, screen resolutions have also evolved over time. In case you are not familiar, screen resolution pertains to the clarity and sharpness of the image displayed on the screen.

Screen Resolution

This is also a common term used in describing the number of pixels used in displaying a particular image. The higher the resolution, the cleaner and crisper the image will be. Screen resolution is also defined as the quantity of information displayed on the screen which is either in analog lines or digital pixels. Individuals have to take note that an increase in the information will also result to a rise in the quality of the image.

Going back on the latest trend on internet browsers, sets of data have been compiled from 2008 to 2012. This is for the purpose of determining the trend, evolution and behavior of users. It was in 2012 when Firefox ranked first followed by Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and other internet browser. Based on data compiled, 19.5% of online users have been using Internet Explorer. Out of this given percentage, the highest rate which is 10% has chosen IE8.

This has been one of the famous web browsers in the world until Firefox and Google Chrome have surpassed IE8 last year. But despite losing the title, IE8 remains to be the frequently used version of Internet Explorer up to now. On the trend in screen resolutions, it was found out that the higher the resolution, the better. This finding has also become the best resolution solution that users can consider. From 2008-2012, the 800×60, 1024×768 resolutions have been trending, but higher resolution are considered as the trendiest.

The trends in internet browsers and screen resolutions are expected to change and evolve as technology grows. It is highly essential for individuals to be updated with the latest trends for them to determine what causes these trends and how will they be going to deal with changes and shifts.

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