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30 Peyton Manning Fantasy Football Team Names

Peyton Manning was known for his time playing for the Colts between 1998 and 2011. Currently he is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos in NFL. When it comes to fantasy football, he has earned 31 rushing yards this season, has 74 fantasy points, and is considered the second highest player in the game. The following listing of Peyton Manning fantasy football team names are from popular teams that feature the career success of Manning himself.

2 and a Half Mannings
2 Mannings 1 Cup
7 TD’s Ain’t Too Manning
Colts Addai Without Manning
Eli – The Other White Manning
From Young Colt to Old Bronco
Gym, Manning, Landry
I Call it my Peyton Manthing
Last Manning Standing
Manning Attack
Manning of Steel
Manning-fest Destiny
Manning’s Cup
Manning’s O-Face
Mega Manning
Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Manninghamd
Mo’ Mannings, Mo’ Problems
New York Manningham Sandwich
Peyback Time
Peyper of Plastic
Peyton Loves His Collie
Peyton Manning’s 5-Head
Peyton the Town Red
Rocky Manning High
She’s a Manning Baby
The Man, The Myth, The Manning
The Playbook of Manning
What Does John Fox Say? Man Ning Ning
Who’s the Man-Ning
Who’s Your Manning

Peyton Manning held the record for most passing yards for a rookie in 1998 and sits in the top third position of NFL history. He holds the highest record for making the most touchdown passes at a high of 26. The below infographic outlines statistical comparisons of rookie quarterbacks in the NFL.

NFL Rookie Statistics

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