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11 Most Common SEO Mistakes on Websites


Here are just a few of the takeaways you should consider from the following infographic.

1) Duplicate Content
More than fifty percent of the websites currently out there are facing issues related to duplicate content on their sites. Furthermore, forty-five percent of these websites are missing alt attributes, while an additional ten percent are utilizing broken internal images. This makes for a fairly large figure.

2) Title Tag Issues
When it comes to title tags, there are a number of websites that fail to make the grade. Thirty-five percent of the websites out there have duplicate title tags. Eight percent of the websites profiled have missing title tags. In addition to these figures, four percent of the websites covered did not have enough text within their title tag, while fifteen percent had too much text within their title tag. In addition to these things, thirty percent of sites have duplicate meta descriptions, while twenty-five percent are lacking meta descriptions.

3) Broken Links
In terms of broken links, there are additional facts that you are going to want to keep in mind. Thirty-five percent of sites that were analyzed feature broken internal links, with seventy percent of those returning 4xx codes. Twenty-five percent of those sites also feature broken external links.

4) H1 Tags
There are a number of issues with H1 tags that are worth noting, as well. Fifteen percent of websites analyzed have duplicate content in H1 and title. Twenty percent have multiple H1 tags. A shocking twenty percent were missing H1 altogether.

5) Additional Stats
Eighteen percent of the websites analyzed have low word counts on some of their pages. Fifteen percent of the sites covered have too many on-page links, and twelve percent of the sites covered have certain pages with missing language declaration. Twenty-eight percent of the sites analyzed also have a low text-to-HTML ratio, which is an issue that was found on one or more of their pages.

6) Severity Levels
Six issues in total are considered to be severe in nature and details. Issues that came up on less than four percent of the websites that were analyzed were not considered to be severe issues in any regard. Given the figures, duplicate content can be seen as the most serious problem facing websites today. Given the statistics, there is a good chance that your website has duplicate content that can be found by users in some form or fashion. Missing alt attributes is a close second.

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