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Adobe Presenter vs Captivate

Because Presenter and Captivate are both offered by Adobe, you’ll notice that both tools tend to overlap one another in some ways. You can create e-learning content, upload content to learning management systems, and even report results from those systems. You can create quizzes and other similar content, working with MS PowerPoint.

Despite these similarities, there are some differences to think about in the Adobe Presenter vs Captivate debate. Here are the key points that you’ll want to consider.

Adobe Presenter is a PowerPoint Add-In

Presenter has been created to be used primarily by educators. This is because it works with PowerPoint as an add-in, allowing you to take existing content within a PPT file and turn it into an e-learning opportunity. You can add voiceovers, narration, videos, characters, and other interactive elements to your existing content and then publish it to an LMS.

Captivate offers a similar opportunity, but in a different way. It’s a standalone software tool that allows you to develop content from scratch. You can incorporate PowerPoint content that already exists, but you must import your slides into Captivate. Those slides can then be used for background content, but that’s about it. You then add to the presentation with new content like you would with Presenter.

Adobe Captivate Offers More Choices

Presenter makes it easy to add features so that a PowerPoint can become an e-learning opportunity pretty quickly. This also means that you have relatively few choices to personalize those features. The goal of Presenter is to focus on the functionality of the file so that information can be more accessible to those who interact with it. You get to design your content, but the software essentially guides you toward what the final presentation will look like.

With Captivate, you’re given many more options. You can add text descriptions of your actions, edit recorded steps, and add animation simply by recording your screen actions. Instead of dealing with automatic presets, you are in full control of the final presentation. You determine when learners advance through their lessons, create clickable objects, and much more.

It takes more time to create a final presentation with Captivate, but when compared to Presenter, the end results are personalized more.

Adobe Presenter is More Affordable

For just $499, you can add Adobe Presenter to your PPT files. This allows you to have existing slides, giving you the option to record lectures or meetings with them, so that you have a complete presentation that can be offered either in person, online, or remotely. You also have the option to subscribe for 1-year at $14.99 per month or have a contract-free subscription for $24.99 per month. Teacher and student editions are available as well.

Captivate is $999 to purchase, though it is also available at $29.99 per month with a 1-year minimum subscription. Captivate allows you to create software simulations, giving you lessons and content sizing that allows for various learning devices. The lessons are still responsive and flexible, whether given in person or offer remotely or online.

What Are the Primary Advantages of Presenter Vs Captivate?

Adobe Presenter is the solution to choose if you have existing content that needs to be incorporated into an e-learning product. You can quickly adapt your existing slides into an interactive presentation, giving you the option to focus on content without needing to worry about any content branching, user interactions, or function timing.

Adobe Captivate is the solution to choose if you want full control over your presentation. Instead of relying on automatic transitions, you get to be in control of how, when, and where new content can be accessed in each learning session. You need to create more new content with Captivate and it takes more time in most circumstances to create the final e-learning product, but the end result is also highly personalized.

Which Adobe Tool Is the Best One to Use?

Both Presenter and Captivate offer unique ways to increase e-learning opportunities. One allows you to incorporate existing content with ease. The other allows you to making specific project functions in a relatively short amount of time.

This means both tools could be the best one to use. Some choose to use both so they can experience all of the benefits that have been listed above. It really boils down to what your current content happens to be and the expectations you have for future content. Sit down with your team to see what might be the most useful and then proceed forward from there.

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