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11 Great Strategies for Effective Team Building Using Key Personalities

11 Great Strategies for Effective Team Building Using Key Personalities

The Workplace Zodiac And How It Can Improve Your Life

The “Workplace Zodiac” is a theory known as “workology”. This theory has been known to work if you know how to use and apply it to your professional environment. Workology, can help individuals and their co-workers to get along and prosper in the office or team atmosphere. All types of personality types are compatible, the trick is knowing in what combination the traits work best. The “Workplace Zodiac” helps to break it down for you a bit in the zodiac chart.

How Can Certain Individuals Help Your Team Thrive?

You wonder how you can learn the traits and how to spot them? Simply look at the list and break down of the different “Titles” given in the graphic to see. You will notice quite a few different options here, one to fit just about everyone you work within a day to day basis. You will find such traits as:

The Cheerleader – This person understands that happiness and general well -being are important, and that feeling good is a key component to working well with your co-workers or team.

The Artist – Is a very “visual” person, and is a great asset to every team. The image or finished product is in the forefront of the “artist’s mind” and they can help bring the idea to completion.

The Dreamer – They are who you might go to for an original idea. They don’t just “think out of the box,” they dream of reinventing it! Huge bonus when you are stumped for an idea!

The Workhorse – The key team player is always ready to go and get the job done! They always remain focused and often times can lead by example if they are allowed.

The General – Who can forget about the “General?” This person is the one who will keep the team motivated and keeps the “end goal” in sight. They tend to be a bit bossy, or shall we say assertive, but for the most part, always just want a good job done.

The Medic – The medic is the person you call when you need to do some clean-up or repair. They are kind of your “back-up plan.” They can assist with “damage control” and can fix just about any problem within reason.

The Number Cruncher – This key individual is one that take care of capturing all of your data and letting you know where you stand. When there are any types of number related problems; you can always turn to the “number cruncher” to find the source of the problem.

These individuals work well together in many different ways. Each one tends to naturally fill his/or her own role. The key is helping everyone understand who they really are in the “Workplace Zodiac.” Once they have seen who they are, it will be easier to take the information and grow with it. Knowing the traits and the personality types can play a major role in your productivity and positive attitude toward your job. In the very least it is a positive “tool” for anyone to use and implement in their day to day life.

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