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11 Big Facebook Mobile Statistics and Trends


Mobile Stats Of Facebook Users

Facebook has a total of 955 million users monthly. Of that, 57% or 543 million are Facebook mobile users.

Most Popular Platforms

There are several different mobile platforms in which Facebook is used. These mobile platforms include: active feature phones, Android, iPad, iPhone, RIM/Blackberry, as well as, a number of other mobile platforms.

Thirty percent of mobile Facebook usage is comprised of a number of other mobile phone platforms besides the ones that are listed here. However, Android comes in second with most Facebook usage at 21%. Ranking in third place with 19% is iPhone with active feature phones not trailing far behind at 15%. Lastly, Blackberry ranks in at 8% Facebook mobile usage and iPad ranks at 6%.

User Growth

However, statistics show a much different story in terms of mobile Facebook usage growth from May to August with iPad leading the charts at a 45% growth rate. Coming in second is Windows phone users at 28.5% mobile Facebook usage growth rate.

Android platforms experienced a 27.8% growth rate from May to August, while iPhone platforms experienced a 20% mobile Facebook usage growth rate. RIM/Blackberry had a 10.2% growth rate, while other platforms experienced a 9.8% growth rate. And, active feature phone users experienced the least growth rate at 8.8%.

In terms of number of users, Android experienced a growth rate of 22.50% for May to August, while iPhone experienced a 15.98% growth rate. The other platform category experienced a 13.50% user growth rate and iPad experienced a 9.12% user growth rate.

The bottom three platforms that experienced user growth rates were active feature phone users, RIM/Blackberry phone users and in dead last, Windows phone users.

Active feature phones experienced a 6.23% user growth rate, while RIM/Blackberry phones experienced a 3.62% user growth rate. And, Windows phones experienced a 0.45% user growth rate for May to August.

Global Location

There are six main continents that Facebook mobile users reside on. These continents include: North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia and Oceania.

North America ranks first in mobile Facebook users at 161.7 million users or 32%. Second is Asia at 134.2 million users or 27%. Ranking in third is Europe at 120.7 million users or 24%. Ranking fourth is South America at 50.5 million users or 10%. Coming in fifth and sixth is Africa and Australia and Oceania with Africa at 21.7 million users or 4% and Australia and Oceania at 9.7 million users or 2%.

The top 10 countries that have the highest ratings of mobile Facebook infiltration are: Swaziland at 92.5%, Nigeria at 87.9%, Papua New Guinea at 85.3%, Brunel at 84.8%, South Africa at 84.5%, Botswana at 82.8%, Malawi at 81.5%, Namibia at 80.9%, Japan at 80.7% and Lesotho at 80.6%.

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