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What are the Number of Households in the US?

Number of Households in the United States

According to the United States Census Bureau, the US has an estimated population of 313, 914,040 Americans since 2012. This was an overall growth of 1.7% between 2010-2012.

Age Segments
The population is made up of the following segments.

• Americans under 5 years old – 6.4%
• Americans under 18 years old – 23.5%
• Americans 65 years and older – 13.7%
• Females in America – 50.8%

The Income Gap of America

The below video outlines the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression and the increasing gap between the nations wealthiest one percent versus the widest point since the Gilded Age of the 1920’s that the rest of the population live in.

United States Housing Statistics

1. Total Number of Housing Units – 132,312,404
2. Homeownership Rate – 66.1%
3. Housing in Multi-Unit Structures – 25.9%
4. Median Value of Owner Occupied Housing – $186,200
5. Average Size of Household – 2.6 persons
6. Median Household Income – $52,762
7. Person Below Poverty Level – 14.3%
8. Number of Renters – 38,863,600 or 34%

American Household Statistics

The following infographic outlines household statistics in the United States. A 81% decline in media household income occurred between 2007-2011 with a 15% rise in people living below poverty standards. Over 60% of those living in poverty are between the ages of 18 and 64.

American Household Statistics

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