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10 Ways to Motivate Employees Without Using Money


Motivate People Without Using Money

For many businesses, the theme of any given day is to be lean and mean. That means being frugal with money so that you can remain in business. Your employees, however, may find dissatisfaction in being lean and mean because it often means static salaries over a long period of time. Without a raise, an employee can quickly become de-motivated to work and start looking for employment elsewhere.

You can motivate your people without money! Here are some common ways employers are rewarding their hard working people.

Offer more vacation time.
If you can’t offer someone more in salary, then maybe you can offer them more time with their family. By incorporating extra time off into a reward structure for your employees, they’ll get earned time off based on their performance. This gives them something to work toward and hopefully keeps your outputs where they need to be.

Make your people feel important.
When money isn’t available to reward your people, then maybe a different title might make them feel like you’ve noticed their accomplishments. Many people will take a title that has increased influence simply because it gives them leverage later on down the road if they need it. Include new business cards with that new title and you may not need to take any further motivation efforts to keep production levels high.

Let people telecommute occasionally.
One of the drawbacks to a 40+ hour work week is that family time gets dramatically reduced. The reality is that between school for the kids and work for an employee, the average worker gets 3 to 4 hours of quality time with their family each work day at best. Letting someone work from home occasionally will increase their family time and potentially increase their productivity in return.

Offer small rewards that can pay off big.
With lotteries hitting record amounts around the world, even though the odds are more likely that someone will get struck by lightning than be able to win the lottery, a lottery ticket gives someone hope. Most tickets are only a couple bucks, but they could pay off for that employee in a big way. Car washes, small gift cards, or even the chance to go grab a cup of free coffee can all show your appreciation as well.

Offer wellness programs at work.
More and more businesses are finding out that they can save a ton of money on their health insurance premiums by offering wellness programs at work as an incentive. This could mean yoga classes at work, a gym membership, or even workout equipment that you keep at the office. If you’re encouraging people to take care of themselves, it communicates that you care as their employer. That, in turn, often increases output and creates morale stability.

Though money is almost always the primary motivator for someone to work harder, there are other ways you can keep your motivation levels high and your discontent low. Use these ideas today to motivate your employees, even on a tight budget. Chances are you’ll bring a lot of smiles to faces!

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