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10 Best Exotic Vacation Destinations


4 Vacation Destinations that I Prefer

Are you looking to get away from the stresses of this world for awhile? The modern lifestyle has a lot of responsibilities and demands. Eventually the combination of working hard and playing hard requires someone to just leave the area for awhile to recharge. These exotic destinations can help you have a great time, not have to spend a fortune, yet also create memories that will last for a lifetime. Which one of these vacation destinations is right for you?

Mount Fiji

If you love the idea of climbing a mountain, but you don’t love the idea of putting a lot of stress on your body, then Mount Fiji is right for you. The entire mountain can be climbed in 10 hours or less. For those who might want a more leisurely hike up the mountain, there are huts stationed at the half-way point that can make climbing Mount Fiji a full weekend event. Diving, snorkeling, and even snowboarding are also readily available.

Machu Picchu

How many times do you get the chance to go visit one of the wonders of the world? The ruins of Machu Picchu are not only a spectacular adventure, but it is one that can be done on an extreme budget as well. Hotels in the area start at just $20 and the average amount spent on an entire vacation in Peru is about $600. With temples, palaces, and even an astronomical observatory, how can you say “No” to this level of adventure?

Hawaiian Volcanoes

Many people visit Hawaii because it has beautiful weather all year, incredible beaches, and rolling waves that are a surfer’s dream. This state also has beautiful volcanoes that are relatively safe to climb and they can be explored in just a day. With multiple craters to see and the chance to get away from the crush of people that are constantly at the resorts, your relaxation time in this tropical paradise can definitely be maximized.

Music Festival in Austin

The SXSW Festival in Austin, TX is quickly becoming the go-to event for people who love music. Dozens of bands give concerts throughout the entire festival and there are literally hundreds of learning sessions available to those who want to learn more about making modern music. There are also plenty of free sessions available to those on a budget and the best part is that you can be an extreme VIP at SXSW for less than what it costs to take a short vacation somewhere else! You can also explore why the locals want to “Keep Austin Weird.”

You need to get away from the stresses of modern life every now and then. If you don’t, then burnout can quickly set in! Use one of these ideas or follow through on your own idea today so that you can enjoy an incredible vacation in the near future.

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