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6 Important Email Marketing Trends


Email Marketing In The Future

The Future has always been a little tricky. Life doesn’t look much the Jetsons. Although the Jetsons, set in 2062, did predict the rise of computing, some of the other predictions don’t seem to be panning out. Flying cars have yet to take off, George Jetson’s two hour work week looks unlikely, and owning your very own Rosie the robot maid is still a dream. Surprisingly in this vision of the future, typical teen, Judy Jetson didn’t text or even have email.

The New Century

The reality of the new century looks much different. Email marketing continues to expand in volume, effectiveness, and importance. Successful email marketing looks much different today than even a few years ago. 2062 may be hard to predict but several important trends are pointing the direction that email marketing is headed in the immediate future.

Budget for Advertising

Businesses will spend more of their advertising dollars on email marketing. Small and medium sized businesses now spend more money on email marketing than any other form of marketing, and for good reason. 77% of consumers prefer to get your message by email. Forget the tweets and the texts because even for younger demographics, email is the most preferred method for consumers to receive your message. Driving this shift is iPad effect.

Think Mobile

The iPad effect has made Email mobile. This trend is continuing, fueled by the explosion of the iPad and other similar devices. More than half of all emails are opened on portable wireless devices. Your message needs to be formatted for the wireless world. This trend will certainly continue to evolve and understanding the nuances of having a mobile audience will help you take advantage of this trend.

Make it Personal

Email marketing is personal. Successful email marketing means slicing up your email list into very specific segments. Each contact on your list responds differently and engaging your customers requires that your message is timely and relevant. Click through rates on links contained in your email vary dramatically depending on the time of day that your message is sent. Rates peek in the early morning, around 6 am, and then fall dramatically during the course of the day.

Engage Your Followers

Email marketing has something to offer. Studies show that consumers want to be engaged with your business or brand if you offer something that has genuine value. Special offers, tips, and tools all contribute to developing your relationship with your customers.

Influence of Google

Gmail just changed everything. Just when you thought you knew the rules Google’s free email service, Gmail has changed them. If you are sending an email to one of Gmail’s 720 million users, your message is now sorted into one of three categories: primary, social, or promotions. Finding your way into your customer’s primary Gmail box will require you to offer the most relevant, timely, and valuable messages possible.

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