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10 Ways to Meet Your Deadline Everytime


Got a tight deadline that you need to meet? Tired of feeling rushed all the time? No matter how bad you might feel you are at time management, there are ways to ensure you are always on time.

1) Know the expectations.
The most common reason for a project delay is zero knowledge of what steps to accomplish next. Guessing at the next step often creates more work. If you’re unsure of what your expectations are, then ask questions.

2) Get the resources.
It is also difficult to meet deadlines if you do not have access to the correct resources for your project. You need more than money or equipment. You also need to have the correct information to be finished by your deadline.

3) Get the priorities right.
Map out what steps are urgent in your project and which steps can wait. Then complete tasks in the order you set for yourself.

4) Know what you can do.
Most people think of themselves as the best at what they can do. Instead of assuming you are the best, create plans you can implement in case something unexpected happens. Be confident in what you can do without lying to yourself about who you are.

5) Set your own deadlines.
Don’t work to the final deadline. Set project deadlines for yourself with each step or task you take on. That will give you less room to delay.

6) Eliminate the distractions.
You must place a top priority on your time. That means all eliminations which create a distraction must be eliminated. You may need to block websites, turn off your phone, or develop new habits with your co-workers to let you work at your full capability more often.

7) Work harder earlier.
You have more energy at the start of the work week. You also have more energy at the start of each day. Put your most difficult projects on the front end of your days, or week, to get the most stuff done.

8) Schedule reminders.
Set your calendar to remind you of important events, project deadlines, and other items on your to-do list.

9) Ask for more time.
If you do need more time, ask for it. Speaking with someone in-person is more effective than an email or phone call when you need something.

We all miss deadlines. It happens. Instead of making up an excuse, create a better plan for the next project.

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