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10 Ways to Look and Feel Smarter


Look Smart, Feel Smart, Be Smart!

Ricardo Montalban, who is best known for playing the role of Khan in the original Star Trek, was once asked why he always dressed up every day. “When you look good, you feel good,” he replied. The same principle is true when it comes to how people perceive your intelligence. If you look like you are smart and if you feel like you are smart, you can actually be smarter! If you’re looking to have your opinion taken more seriously, then here’s some tips for you to consider:

Take the time to read books.
Not only does it look like you’re smart because you can read a book, but a book can do an incredible job educating you as well. Make time to read something for at least 15 minutes every day or use your lunch break to further your learning by sitting back with a good book.

Be confident about your opinion.
The reason why people sit on fences when there is a big issue facing them is that they aren’t confident about their decision-making process. Take the information you’re learning every day, form strong opinions about that information, and then be confident in your conclusions. Some people might say this is arrogance, but if you’ve got the facts to back up an opinion, you’re not arrogant – you’re smart!

Intelligence and passion are intertwined.
You can be smart about anything, but you can’t truly show that you’re intelligent about a particular subject unless you have a passion for it. The good news is that you can develop a passion for just about anything too – as long as you’re willing to dedicate some time to it. If you’re not passionate about a particular subject, then set it aside and pursue something that you love.

Be proactive about challenging your mind.
Your brain is much like a bicycle – the more you use it, the better you are at using it! If you are passive and lounge around, watching the television a few hours every day, you can lose that mental sharpness that will help your intelligence. Your mind won’t forget how to be sharp, however, so you can always get that skill back. Why not start right now?

Go back to the basics.
How many times do you solve math problems on a calculator instead of by hand? When was the last time you tried to remember a bit of data instead of pulling up Google to figure out the information you are searching to find? Go back to the basics and exercise your mind in the fundamentals of intelligence on a daily basis. Do some math. Practice another language. Avoid search engines for easy answers.

If you look like you are smart, then you are going to feel smart. When you feel smart, you’re going to believe you are smart. That belief is what will cause others to believe that you are smart too. As your confidence grows about your intelligence, so will your overall intelligence! Put this tips into practice today so that you can look smart, feel smart, and be smart!

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