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22 Apparel Industry Statistics and Trends

Apparel Industry Statistics and Trends

Domestic apparel manufacturing has been seeing a rise in the United States since growing 11.1% in 2011 for the first time ever. As domestic production grew, import penetration into the United States fell below 98% and continues to shift away from China as a sourcing option. China remains the largest supplier of apparel in the United States accounting for nearly 33.2% of all apparel sold.

United States Retail Sales

1. Clothing and Accessories Stores – $239.2 billion
2. General Clothing Stores – $177.2 billion
3. Men’s Clothing Stores – $8.7 billion
4. Women’s Clothing Stores – $41.6 billion
5. Family Clothing Stores – $93.2 billion
6. Other Clothing Stores – $13.8 billion
7. Sporting Goods Stores – $42.6 billion
8. Department Stores – $185.7 billion
9. Discount Department Stores – $119.9 billion

Value of US Imports

1. Total Apparel and Textiles – $100.93 billion
2. Apparel – $76.81 billion
3. Non-Apparel – $24.12 billion
4. Fabric – $5.73 billion
5. Man Made Fiber Products – $43.89 billion
6. Cotton Products – $50.50 billion
7. Wool Products – $4.75 billion

Report of Unsafe Working Standards

The following video is from CNN which focused on the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh that killed over 1,000 workers. It is warned not to support these forms of manufacturing standards as they are considered to be sweatshops and hazardous.

Value of Global Exports

1. Value of All Global Exports – $706 billion
2. China Exports – $253.2 billion
3. EU 27 – $193 billion
4. India – $29.4 billion
5. Turkey – $24.7 billion
6. Bangladesh – $21.5 billion

Exports to China

China is the number one global marketplace for the United States when it comes to exporting the following.

– US Cotton
– US Yarn
– US Fabric

Fashion Industry Statistics

Over $1.6 trillion dollars was invested into over 100 fashion companies last year. The top investment was made in BestSecret.com with an estimated $248 million obtained.

Fashion Industry Statistics and Trends

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