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10 Must Know Camping Safety Tips


Enjoy Your Time Camping With These Tent Tips!

Going camping for a weekend with the family can make for a wonderful experience that creates memories that will last for a lifetime. If you are tent camping, then one little mistake with your tent can turn a weekend that is full of expectation into a weekend that is remembered because of the misery you all experienced. These tent tips, however, can help to guarantee that you have a good time in your tent instead of deciding to pack it all up and sleep in your vehicle.

Tip #1: Tuck In Your Ground Cloth

If it happens to rain, your rainfly is going to funnel the water off your tent to the ground around it. A common mistake that people make when setting up their tent is that they allow their waterproof barrier, such as a tarp or a ground cloth, to extend out past the edges of the tent. When this happens, water will collect and eventually invade the interior of your tent. Tuck the ground cloth in underneath the edges or invest in what is called a “footprint ground cloth” that perfectly matches the bottom of your tent.

Tip #2: It’s Ok To Forget Your Stakes

One of the most commonly forgotten items for the tent are the tent stakes for the guy wires. Purchasing new stakes can be a costly venture and at best you’ll get generic stakes that will only adequately work. For no additional money, you can use the stuff sacks that your tent and other camping equipment came in to use as weights for the guy wire. If you’re camping on the beach, stuff these sacks with sand. Otherwise you can stuff these waterproof bags with virtually anything heavy and save your cash for better things.

Tip #3: Pack Light For Camping

There’s a lot of accessories that you can get for the modern tent, but all that stuff takes up a lot of space. Bring the essentials for your tent and you’ll be set! You might end up being a little more vulnerable to mosquitoes, but you’ll have room to pack books, games, toys, or even just extra marshmallows to enjoy during your nightly campfire.

Tip #4: Speaking of Mosquitoes…

If you’re smarter than the mosquitoes, you can enjoy sleeping in your tent virtually mosquito free. This tiny blood suckers like to sit on a tent away from the weather. If you place the door of your tent out of the wind, chances are you’ll have these insects follow you into the tent. By placing the door directly into the wind, the bugs will be at the back end of your tent instead of the front and you’ll be able to rest comfortably.

Tip #5: Fold Your Tent a Different Way

If you love camping and do it regularly, your tent’s waterproofing exterior can actually wear out if you fold the tent up the same way for storage. If you fold the tent up in a different way each time, you’ll minimize the wear patterns from your storage and prolong the life of your tent.

Camping can be lots of fun! When you use these tips to improve how you use your tent for camping, you’ll be able to maximize the fun you’ll have on any given weekend.

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