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10 Ways to Create Addictive LinkedIn Company Page Updates


Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Thought Leadership and Imagery.
One of the first things you are going to want to do is establish thought leadership by emphasizing your employees, which can give your followers an engaging opportunity to go inside your company. Sharing remarkable experiences from your employees can have several long-term benefits. You can also gain a lot by utilizing imagery that is branded, and features a quote that drives home your vision.

2) Focusing on Language and Geography.
Both language and geography are important to your users. By focusing on these things in your language, you can target them more accurately. The more relatable you make things, the easier it will be to win users over. However, it is important to emphasize an organic approach to this. You always want your sincerity to come through.

3) 3rd Party Content?
Believe it or not, but sharing 3rd party content with your users can increase your authority. As long as you aren’t sharing more third party content than original content, you aren’t going to hurt your original content. You can also feature your most important content/updates by having them pinned to the top of your company page. This is where you can put your original content, while using 3rd party content to back up your claims.

4) The Call to Action.
Your CTA is absolutely vital. You want to leave your audience with an intense desire to get involved, and to continue the journey they have started with your company. The great thing about a call to action is that you are talking about a highly flexible content. There are a seemingly endless array of options for getting users involved, or bringing them to the next step. Your call to action can be extremely simple, or it can challenge people on one level or another. Just make sure it’s there!

5) Questions and Testing.
Ask your users thoughtful, engaging questions. Not only are you getting valuable insights into everything that is working, as well as the things that need to change, but you are also building a better relationship with your clients/customers. Testing different types of posts on your audience can be a good way to get them involved, as well.

6) Sponsor Your Best.
Make sure to not only have an editorial calendar, but to also be able to react to timely incidents as necessary. You will also want to make sure you are sponsoring your absolute best content.

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