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10 Types of People You Network with at Conferences


The Common Conference Going People You’ll Meet

When you head to a business conference there are some things that you always expect from seeing old business contacts all the way up to having to sit through that lecture that you really don’t want to sit to but your boss is making you do it for the company. Well just like that there are all different types of people that you’ll meet there as well.

1. The Job Seeker
You’ll definitely meet the “job-seeker” at a conference. They are in-between opportunities as they put it and are definitely on a one mind tack. That track that they are on is to get hired by any means possible.

2. The Entrepreneur
The entrepreneur is another person you’ll meet. They are going a mile a minute (probably from all the coffee they’ve consumed) doing a thousand different things trying to get their own business off the ground. Why do they come to these conferences, mainly to make connections and to get people to invest in their product.

3. The Sales Person
There’s no escaping the sales person type of people. They are slick and well versed in getting people to buy what they want. Why do you think they are sales people? They will definitely try and pitch you just about anything in any way possible, it’s just second nature to them.

4. The Suit
There is of course the corporate, a.k.a. the suit, type of person that you will run in to at every business conference. There’s no avoiding them. Looking the part is probably 50% what they are all about.

5. The Model
Then there is everybody’s favorite, the model who’s paid to be there. She’s only there to demonstrate the product or service that is trying to be sold. She’s not 100% sure how everything about the product works, or why it does. She’s just there to sell it, usually with her very bubbly personality.

6. The Social Media Addict
Then there’s the social media addict that is bumping into everyone because he or she is too busy looking at their phone the entire time. They are constantly on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (or any other social media site that matters). Multitasking between them is what they do, not interact face to face with people.

7. The Keynote Speaker
Then there’s the Keynote speaker. Sometimes you’re excited to hear what they have to say, and sometimes you couldn’t care less. But one thing is for sure, they absolutely know what they are talking about. They know it backwards and forwards, upside down and right side up.

8. The Stressed Out Guy
Of course a conference wouldn’t be complete without a stressed out guy. You know who he is. He’s the one running around like crazy because they are late to the next event or meeting. They are probably even twitching a little bit here and there they are so stressed out. This guy doesn’t need any more coffee (even though he thinks he does).

9. The Puppet Master
Then there’s the puppet master behind this whole conference, a.k.a. the event organizer. They are the ones pulling all the strings to put this whole thing together. Even though they probably have a calm and collected exterior, underneath they are probably about ready to have a stroke with as high as their blood pressure is from the stress. But overall they want you to be happy with the conference.

10. The Sponsor
And last but not least (defiantly not least!) is the sponsor! They are the moneybags behind the whole conference. Heck, you’re probably wearing their business logo on you somewhere already without even knowing it.

There are defiantly a lot of different characters you’ll meet but these are more than likely the main categories. Remember, have fun and enjoy your conference!

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