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17 New Ecommerce Web Design Trends


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E-Commerce Websites Top Design Styles

Are you considering starting your own online business? If you already have your products and services along with your target audience in mind your off to a great start. The next step is to start contemplating about the actual layout of your website. Although you may already have some things in place regarding the design aspect of your website, the top 200 E-commerce websites have certain design trends which have proven to be quite resourceful.

As technology began to expand and the importance of innovative electronic devices became gravely important, people particularly consumers have found alternate ways of buying goods and services. Technological advancements have therefore pushed the nation into what is considered a web based world with E-commerce making a permanent mark.

Fastest Growing Industry

E-commerce is a part of a fast growing industry focused on purchasing and selling products or services over the internet. Electronic devices allow consumers to purchase products and services with the click of a button. Tablets and cellular phones with data usage plans have the capability of accessing the internet anywhere and anytime which has made online shopping very convenient and even more popular. E-commerce has not always been a thing of the past; however, its current success has proven that it is essential in the future.

E-Commerce is most commonly used for online shopping and order tracking. These websites must therefore be very appealing to consumers to help market the goods and services the company is selling.

If designing your website is the next step in your process make sure you consider all the aspects incorporated in creating and developing a well-designed website. When a consumer types your website into their url the first things they see will either capture their attention or turn them away from your website. First impressions are fundamental to the success of many companies especially E-commerce websites.

Think you have the best products and services available. The quality of your products and services are just as valuable as the design aspect of your website. Let’s take a look at the design trends of the top 200 E-commerce websites to help steer you in the right direction.

Common Design Trend

The most common design trend based on 230 surveyed E-commerce websites is whether the site provides privacy assurances on the cart page. The next most common trends have a continue shopping button found on 79% of their websites checkout pages and have images of the products displayed in the cart on 71% of websites.

Web designs which help to optimize your E-commerce website tend to attract more consumers and potential customers. This will help you generate more revenue and help your company become more successful. Whether you’re starting off with a small store or developing a virtual shopping mall the web design is up to your discretion. When designing your website keep in mind the most important things consumers view when visiting E-commerce websites.

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