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10 Tactics for Making Content Stand Out in Social Media


While in the past you may have gotten away with a lot of text and pictures that you took on your website, times are changing, and in order for your business to stay relevant, you will need to change what kind of visual information you post, as well. High engagement with audience will directly correlate to more shares, sales, and new customers. Check out some of these ways you can stop people from scrolling and get them to check you out.

1) 360 Degree Videos
These may seem really tricky to set up, but they’re actually quite easy through Facebook and with the Google Street View app or a 360 degree camera. You won’t have to do nearly as much editing as you would with a normal video and viewers will love feeling really immersed in what you are showing.

2) Live Video Streaming
It’s time to do your hair and get ready for some off-the-cuff questions and answers. This is one of the best ways to interact with customers and show them the real you. They’ll love being able to ask you questions and interact with you, and you can show user testimonies that will resound with your audience.

3) Custom Images
Rather than simply putting up a graph, quiz, or quote that you found online and saved to your computer, taking the time and spending a little money to have something custom generated for your site with really interest users. Adding images to testimonials makes them come alive, and pairing them with custom hashtags makes your information super shareable.

4) Explainer Videos
These are popping up all over Facebook as users upload shortened cooking videos. Filled with special effects and tips and tricks, they’re fast, engaging, and enjoyable to watch. They’re an easy way to make sure users stop scrolling and pay attention to you.

5) Macro Videos
If you want to show customers a super close-up of your product or process, then using a macro video is a great way to generate interest. They are very satisfying to view and make customers think about everyday objects in a new way.

Try implementing something new in your next post. You have to grab the attention of customers quickly as they scroll through their Facebook, Instragram, or Twitter feeds. If you don’t get their attention right away then chances are good that they will keep on scrolling. Improve shares and likes with one of these fun visuals!

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