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37 Astonishing Rob Lowe Quotes

Rob Lowe is an American actor that gained prominence as a teen idol in the 1980s. Appearing in many top films from ‘The Outsiders’ to ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ Lowe has experienced tremendous career success in his time. Here is a look at some of the most astonishing Rob Lowe quotes to be familiar with.

“Adventure is important in life. Making memories matters. It doesn’t have to be a secret sea plane and an historic sports moment. But to have a great life, you need great memories. ”

“Any time an opportunity scares you that much, you should seriously consider saying yes.”

“Be funny whenever possible, even if some people don’t get it.”

“Every relationship has its complications.”

“Fake confidence on the outside often trumps truthful turmoil on the inside.”

“I believe in ceremony. I think ceremony is important, pomp and circumstance, tradition. I’m into those things.”

“I don’t like any sport where you’re already exhausted when you’re done putting on the equipment.”

“I don’t look back with any bitterness, though there are a couple of judgment calls and some ’80s hairdos that I’d like to do over.”

“I have a lot of great memories, but I can’t imagine anything more exciting than the life I have now.”

“I have been looking forward to this age of my life for a long time. In my twenties, I marked the days on the calendar – I was sick of playing high-school kids.”

“I have never felt at any point in my life, good or bad, any ill will ever from the man or woman on the street.”

“I have other obligations now – the show, my family, my life… though I know that without my sobriety I wouldn’t have any of those things.”

“I have, on the other hand, felt ill will from various people in the industry and the press.”

“I like the tradition of ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances and how they react to events which force them to be heroic in a way that is not in their natures.”

“I think my thing is that I try and pick up on things that other people have maybe not picked up on.”

“I’ve never agreed with the conventional wisdom that ‘actors are great liars.’ If more people understood the acting process, the goals of good actors, the conventional wisdom would be ‘actors are terrible liars,’ because only bad actors lie on the job.”

“If people are attracted to me, I like to think it’s because I’m an interesting person, fairly smart, well-rounded, with a good sense of humor. I would like to think that’s what I am. I would like to think people see it.”

“If people find me attractive, it would be for reasons that anybody finds anybody attractive. It’s something that comes from within, and it manifests itself physically.”

“If somebody else is achieving more than I am, that means I can do it, too. Everybody has the ability to raise themselves up, and my life has been marked by that.”

“I’ll be sober ten years and married nine soon.”

“In school, I had two or three best guy friends, but mostly if I was just hanging, I’d like to talk to the girls, because they were more interesting. I think they were smarter.”

“In the business of acting, those are the actors that make the trains run on time, you know? There’s nothing without them.”

“Intelligence is that aspect of human cognition that we haven’t managed to emulate yet.”

“I’ve always found women more interesting than men.”

“Sampling, statisticians have told us, is a much more effective way of getting a good census.”

“So I came to the realization: Nothing in life is unfair. It’s just life.”

“Sobriety was the greatest gift I ever gave myself.”

“Sobriety was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I don’t put it on a platform. I don’t campaign about it. It’s just something that works for me. It enabled me to really connect with another human being – my wife, Sheryl – which I was never able to do before.”

“The ’80s were about trying to establish myself as an actor with a career. And being a teenager enjoying the fruits of being successful with lots of what I think is appropriate for that age.”

“The best part is not the biggest, it’s the one that’s most memorable.”

“There are so many family dinners you can do. I eventually had to go to them and say, ‘Look, I don’t do spatula work. I don’t do scenes with oven mitts. If you’re looking for that, you’ve got the wrong guy. I’m not doing scenes about casseroles. It’s not happening.”

“There is no recovery for anyone without lifting the lid on the pain of the past and letting in the light.”

“They (teenage boys)don’t really listen to speeches or talks. They absorb incrementally, through hours and hours of observation.”

“We always reminisce about how everyone tried to get Diane Lane’s attention, to very little success.”

“When I was a teen idol, I was so goddamn pretty I wouldn’t have taken myself seriously.”

“When I was young and crazy, I was young and crazy. It can be hard enough just to BE in your teens and 20s. Then add fame, money, access, and every single person telling you that you’re the greatest person who ever was, and it can be a recipe for disaster. Some people literally don’t survive it.”

“You can meet people who are really beautiful. Then, when you see them angry for the first time, all of a sudden they’re not beautiful anymore. ”

Rob Lowe sits down for a one on one interview discussing everything from his career, scandal, and how the industry has changed since the 80s.

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