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10 Steps to Successful Digital Content Creation

Content Marketing 10 Steps to Success

Content Marketing – 10 Steps To Success

The World Wide Web (WWW) has presented marketers of any product or service the means to present their products and services to a growing source of leads and new clients. Trending is defined as opportunities for marketers to target a specific area of interest by consumers and businesses alike.

Following the 10 most important steps for successful content marketing, can ensure success in this new and expanding field.

1. Aim

Your first path to success in content marketing is to develop your set of goals and objectives. Without your road map you will not be able to define success. The term for each step is called SMART which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. Most importantly your objectives must support your goals so you can avoid creating content for content’s sake.

2. Understand

Your target! Determine what turns them on, including but not limited to their areas of interest, level of pain they will endure and their channels of consumption. One method to understand your target is to develop your own concept of your ideal customer. You should fully understand their first interaction of purchase and support. Understanding how your customer will consume the information they require.

3. Decide

The most important part is to define your strategy. Your road map to your goals should stop content being churned and have clear orientation. What determines your key proposition and what differentiates your product or service in the customers mind.

4. Review

Discover what existing content you possess that matches your targets needs and their level of pain points throughout the customers buying determination. Where is your content daylight? Think about any ways you can repurpose the content to excite and explain your content.

5. Plan

Build your own editorial calendar to find the gaps in your content and help you determine your path. This step will define your activities, timelines and responsibilities of customer’s stakeholders. This tool will help you to maintain alignment of your objectives and point to the framework of your activities into more manageable sections.

6. Communicate

Key to your success in your content initiative is senior buy-in and alignment.

7. Produce

Your content should give your readers the value of your proposition. Remember it’s not advertising! The content, including the tone and context of it should reflect this. Think of telling a story which has a beginning to excite, a middle showing the value and an end to prompt the targets next action. You will be compensated in the form of thought leadership, enhanced brand equity and touchpoint creation as well as the added benefit of increased credibility.

8. Amplify

Now that you have determined the content to use, you must promote it, publicize it and socialize throughout your selected channel. Use the same amount of time for these steps as you use to produce the content.

9. Measure

Keep constant track of your performance. Which are the key content items, where was the most successful channels they were used in and did this help the customer in their buying decisions. This will help you along your roadmap and improve future activity, performance and ROI.

10. Learn

Everything you do in determining which content to utilize such as analyzing your targets activity, performance and decisions will enhance your insight and understanding of your target audience. You will increase your ROI and increase your efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns for the future.

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