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10 Social Media Facts Every Business Needs to Know


Social media is integral to online marketing. It is actually integral to a company’s presence in this increasingly globalized world. A company that doesn’t harness the power of social media or is not investing enough time, effort and thoughts to use the medium to its advantage is certainly going to fall back and the competition will surge ahead. To become a brand or to attain success in a competitive 21st century, one has to develop social media dominance. As a company or individual, if you have to create social media dominance then you must understand social media.

10 surprising social media facts is a brief take on some realities that not many companies or professionals are aware of. A lot is said, discussed and written about social media but those are either exhaustive academic papers authored by researchers or they are snippets of information published by companies or professionals who are lazy to get down to the real work of mining data that will truly offer an insight into the fascinating yet rapidly evolving world of social media.

The associated info-graphic will offer you ten facts, which are more educative than you would imagine. Using these facts, you can not only better your understanding of social media but you shall also be able to make apt changes to your online marketing campaign or social media management strategies so that they are more effective.

What kind of following is good for you, is there a designated profile or types of profiles that you should look for as your followers, what kind of engagement should you be looking for on different social media sites and would all types of contents gain the same amount of traction on different sites and on the same site? These are some questions that not many people know the answers to. That is where these surprising social media facts come into play. Many individuals, who are not necessarily professional marketers, and companies, including some big names, go about their social media strategies without even understanding the tenets of the medium and how it is shaping up. From certain times of the day to certain days being the best time for social media marketing to understanding the demands of users from a company or professional on the social media space, a lot of realities are unexplored and not understood, some of which are going to become lucid if you read these facts and gauge the ramifications.

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