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11 Remarkable Baby Announcements Wording Ideas

Baby announcements are a wonderful way of formally introducing the birth of a new child to the friends and family around them. The traditional announcement covers the name, date, time, weight, and length at birth. Many people choose to enclose a newborn photo giving everyone a sneak peek of what the child looked like when they were welcomed into this world. A collection of traditional and more modern baby announcement wording ideas can be found below.

[parents name] joyfully announce the arrive of [baby name] on [date]. She weighed [weight, time, and length].

A star fell down from heaven and landed in our arms with all of mommy’s sweetness and all of daddy’s charm. We are star struck by the arrival of [baby name] born on [date] at [time].

After nine months of construction, our little project is complete. [baby name] has finally arrived on [date, time, weight, and length].

Diaper pins and bottles these are the little things that our new baby brings. [baby name] born on [date] at the weight of [weight] and length [length].

It’s with much joy and pride that we introduce to you as [baby name] arrived on [date] with a weight of [weight and length].

Look at what the stork has brought. Announcing our newest family member [baby name] on [date and time].

Our little bundle of joy has arrived. [parents name] are ecstatic to welcome little [name] into the world. Born on [date] at [weight and length].

We are happy to announce the arrival of [name] on [date] weighing in at [weight and length].

We joyfully welcome [baby name]. Born on [date, time, weight, and length].

We reached for the stars and got an armful of heaven. [baby name] brightened our lives on [date] at [time].

Whose eyes sparkle like the stars? Whose smile outshines the sun? Whose skin is as soft as the moon-glow? Or precious little one. [baby name] was born on [date] at [time].

Baby announcements found their way into society during the Pre-Victorian times. Presentation Day came shortly after during the 1830’s to 1900’s where the child was placed on display in a basket or bassinet. Since then, the methods for announcing a child’s birth has transitioned from the newspaper, to cards, all the way to social media networks. The below infographic takes an interesting look at the history of baby announcements.

Baby Annoucement History

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