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10 Simple Billion Dollar Product Ideas


Could Your Next Idea Be Worth Billions?

The business world is full of stories that started out with just a few bucks and are now worth billions of dollars. From cereals like Corn Flakes to clothing like Spanx, Inventing new products is really just a combination of using your mind creatively and having access to the right resources. The more creativity you have, the fewer resources you need. You can be the next person to turn a $1,000 loan into $1 billion!

Much of the success of any given product lies in how that product is initially launched. As you bring your next idea to the market, keep these tips in mind.

Validate your idea.
This is where many people fail and end up losing tons of money. Your idea might be a great one, but the market may not have any need for it. Great ideas might help people, but if they hold no value, then there is no reason to bring that idea to the market right away. By validating your idea can be profitable, you’ll have a greater chance of success.

Know your product’s lifecycle.
One of the easiest ways to validate your idea is to test it in a limited, measurable setting. These tests will help you determine with the lifecycle is for your idea and if people are willing to return to your product to continue meeting their needs. If your product has a short lifecycle and people keep coming back, you’ll succeed. If it has a long lifecycle and provides continuous value, you’ll be able to charge more. If it doesn’t, you’ll fail.

Study your competition.
Your competitors have done the same thing you are doing right now. By studying how they interact with their targeted consumer base, you’ll have an idea of what you need to do as well. Even if the products are different in some way, the information you get here can help you better relate what you’ve got and how it is better than what the competition has.

,strong>Create a unique value proposition.
This is maybe the most critical step. If your idea doesn’t solve some sort of problem that your targeted consumers have, then people aren’t going to want what you’ve got. Your job during the launch is to adequately communicate how your idea will solve a problem people are having right now and why your idea does it better than anyone else’s idea at this very moment. Add in a scarcity component and you’ll be most of the way home.

Roll out your campaign.
Now that you’ve tested the idea, determined it’s got value, and you know your targeted consumers really do like what you’ve got, it’s time to roll out your campaign to your chosen market. Be proactive, don’t be afraid to change the dynamics of your idea if necessary, and don’t get stuck in the rut of thinking you must do things in a certain way.

Your next idea could be a billion dollar idea, but it will never be if it isn’t adequately communicated to your target audience. Utilize these launch tips today so that when you have your next great idea tomorrow, you can maximize the value of that idea!

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