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10 Onsite Search Optimization Tips for Content


Here’s How To Maximize Your Site’s SEO Right Now

Search engine optimization is a lot like religion: everyone has their own way of doing things, everyone thinks their way is the right way, and everyone has the same end result in mind. The problem that many marketers have with SEO is that it is a variable that is ever changing. What worked two years ago didn’t work last year. What works now may not work three weeks from now! With consistency, however, your site can always be near the top!

Here’s some ideas on how you can make that happen right now:

Make your content relate to your target audience.
If you have a website that is dedicated to coffee, but you don’t have any clue what a triple skinny latte with foam happens to be, then people will recognize this immediate. In order to relate to your target audience, your content must be authentic. You must talk about something that is important to them so that you can begin to establish an online relationship with that audience.

Establish yourself as an expert in some way.
Some SEO marketers prefer to show off their expertise in a FAQ page because these pages tend to get a lot of traffic. Others tend to create valuable content that gives their target audience something they need in their daily lives. Both ways are actually quite effective because what you’re doing is establishing yourself as a niche expert. People gravitate to experts because they have correct information that is helpful, which therefore also makes it valuable.

Don’t be afraid of graphics or videos.
If you’ve got something rather complicated to do, a video showing someone how to accomplish that difficult task in a step-by-step manner can be of tremendous value. SEO content that has graphics associated with it gets double the impressions than content that has no visuals whatsoever. People are attracted to videos and graphics, so include them where appropriate.

Shift your content whenever appropriate.
If you are talking about the joys of Summer and your targeted audience is buried under 20 inches of snow, you won’t create much in the way of value. In being able to relate to people, you’ve got to meet them where they are at during their given time. Changing your content to reflect changes in the weather, political climate, or other variables that might affect your target audience can communicate to them that you care about their needs.

Let people know everything about you.
Most people are going to do their research about you and what you’ve got before even coming to your pages. What they’re looking for when they are on your pages is that final bit of information that will confirm for them the value they suspect that you have. Make yourself as open and available as possible and people will believe that you’re the real deal.

Effective SEO might take a little work, but the work is well worth it. Over 40% of search engine users click on the very first result they see! With a little effort using these methods, your site can be on the top sooner rather than later.

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