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10 PPC Tips for Travel and Hospitality Companies


Get the Most Out of Your PPC Campaign

A PPC Campaign, or “pay per click,” is a common method of driving traffic to a website. This is especially the case in highly competitive business niches, such as travel, because people are always looking to save money on a great deal. A PPC encourages a click because it advertises that deal! Advertisers love PPC campaigns too because it means income based on clicks instead of actual conversions. If you’re thinking about starting your own PPC campaign or maximizing one that you’ve already got going, try out these tips today!

Tip #1: Start Geo-Targeting

Even though the internet is pulling a global community together so that humanity is closer than it ever has been before, it is also creating many local opportunities that businesses are just missing. For a local business, geo-targeting is an essential component of a PPC campaign because someone’s search engine result for “Houston Travel” will be different for someone in Houston than it would be for someone in Seattle. With Geo-Targeting, you can get more consistent results.

Tip #2: Use Location Extensions

If you’ve got multiple locations for your business, then set up your website with location extensions that specifically reference the location. This will allow search engines to pull in long tail keywords that are entered toward your site because you’ve created a higher level of value than your competitors have done. When combined with a PPC campaign, this becomes a powerfully multiplied method of driving large amounts of traffic your way.

Tip #3: Be Specific With Your Descriptions

People search for specific things in search engines, which means you must be specific in your descriptions instead of generic. That means you may miss out on a small percentage of traffic, but in return, you’ll end up getting traffic that is specifically searching for what it is that you’re offering. That means lower bounce rates, higher conversions, and ultimately a better overall ROI.

Tip #4: Associate With High Profile Events

One of the easiest ways to start driving more traffic in a PPC campaign is to associate yourself with a major event. If the World Series, for example, is being played in a community that you service, by incorporating this event into the packages you’re offering in some way will help you generate your normal traffic levels plus traffic that is looking for a combination of the event’s services and your services.

Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Multi-Lingual

Even though PPC campaigns are generally localized in nature, the internet is a global commodity and you never really know what one of the more than a billion people who use the internet might need. They might need what you might be offering! Multi-lingual content can help close a deal that originates from any corner of the world, giving you the ability to flex some global business muscle.

Your next PPC campaign really can be a success. Which of these tips could you use today to start or improve your next advertising efforts?

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