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10 Most Socially Conscience Brands and Business Sectors


Meaningful Brands Beat Stock Market by 120%

It has been discovered that meaningful brand index outperforms the stock market by 120%. This performance is at par with top hedge funds. If 73% of the brands are non-existent tomorrow, the majority of people would not care. Only about 20% of the world brands really impact people’s lives.

Global Meaningful Brand Index

The following list is of the top ten ranking global brands that are deemed as being meaningful to consumer lives.

1. Google
2. Samsung
3. Microsoft
4. Nestle
5. Sony
7. Dove
8. Nike
9. Walmart
10. Danone
11. Philips
12. P&G

Increasing Brand Strength

The first global analytical framework that connects human well-being with brands in a business was Havas Media Group’s new metric of brand strength. What it does is to measure the impact of brand’s benefit alongside its impact in different areas of well-being in order to have a comprehensive view of how it impacts the life’s of humans positively. This survey was carried out on 700 brands with over 134,000 consumers in 23 countries and 12 industries.

MBi is an acronym for The Meaningful Brand Index. It seeks to establish a relationship between a MBi score of a brand and the level of attachment it has with a customer.

Personal Well-Being
This takes into consideration the following factors.

1. Physical well being
2. Financial well being
3. Organizational well being
4. Intellectual well being
5. Social well being
6. Emotional well being
7. Natural well being

Collective Well-Being
This considers the following.

1. Good ethics
2. Environment
3. Community
4. Workplace
5. Economy

The following conclusions were arrived at:
• For large companies, 71% should be actively involved in problem solving.
• Only about 32% of the sampled population felt that brands are honest about promises and commitments.
• It is expected that 71% of companies should commit themselves to improving the lives of population, nevertheless, only about 39% are committed in doing this.
• 54% of the sampled population do not trust the brands.

Top 10 Meaningful Sectors

A listing by rank of the top 10 meaningful sectors in the economy.

1. Retail
2. Food & Beverage
3. IT & Consumer Electronics
4. Travel & Tourism
5. Consumer Goods
6. Media
7. Public Transport
8. Oil & Energy Utilities
9. Telecom

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