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10 Most Important Work Skills to Develop


Not only are jobs changing, but the skills that you need as an employee are also evolving. Technology and culture are constantly moving forward, which means that the work skills needed in 2020 will be slightly different than today.

What Creates This Change?

The driving forces behind change in the world of business are pretty broad. Longevity is one of the main factors, because we are simply living longer than ever before. This longevity means that many people are working longer too. Technology is also changing the work skills that are needed, because workplace automation is putting some people out of jobs. As new communication tools transform and the world becomes more globally connected, new work skills are unavoidable. This change in the workplace is happening and the best way to be prepared is to have the required work skills necessary to succeed.

What Work Skills Will Be Needed?

In order to compete in the new job market the work skills that are required will be different. You must have the ability to process information quickly and make sense of complex ideas. Trying to grasp the deeper meaning is what will be expected of employees as jobs and businesses change.

Social Knowledge

One new skill that many will require involves having social intelligence. This means that you will not only need to communicate well with others, but you will also be expected to have interactions that are meaningful and designed to build relationships. Social intelligence is not easy to build, but you can gain it through experience.

Innovative Ideas

It is still essential that you have a creative mind focused on thinking outside of the box. Adaptive thinking will enable you to come up with quick fixes and help to resolve issues and problems in the workplace. You need to know how to act fact and be proactive in halting potential workplace disasters. This skillset will be one of the most sought after.

Computational Thinking

Data will be the driving force behind most business practices, so it is no surprise that having the ability to think fast even with abstract ideas will be vital. As technology transforms and new data is developed, it will only become increasingly important to breakdown data fast.

Nothing ever stays the same forever and this requires the workforce to learn new skills over time. It won’t be easy, but it will be necessary.

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