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10 Most Followed Twitter Accounts


Twitter is a social media website that rose to fame due to the celebrity presence. It is a unique platform that allows celebrities to engage with their fans in a fun and regular way. Now you can actually connect with your favorite actress or musician. When it comes to the most popular Twitter accounts, music definitely makes the most impact with Twitter users. Check out who has the most followers on Twitter.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry creates fun and flirty music, but she also knows how to keep her fans engaged and feeling excited. She has the most Twitter followers at 51.3 million, but she only follows 133. Perry joined Twitter in 2009 and has been one of the most popular Twitter accounts ever since her arrival.

Justin Bieber

Continuing the musical trend of the Twitter top 10, Justin Bieber and his pop following come in at number 2. The Beliebers, as they are known have helped Justin get 50.2 million Twitter followers since 2009. Teenage girls in love with Biebers good looks keep him locked in at number 2.

Barack Obama

Only on Twitter could the leader of the United States come in at number 3 behind Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. His pop influence is a little lacking, but he still has 41.9 million followers. He has been a Twitter member since 2007 before he took office.

Lady Gaga

She is known for being unpredictable and her own individual. Her little monsters have helped her to get more than 41 million followers and she rewards them by posting new videos and pics to keep them wanting more. Gaga makes Twitter work for her and increase her celebrity reach.


Not all the popular Twitter accounts belong to actual people or celebrities. YouTube has the fifth largest following at 40.3 million. YouTube followers can watch cool videos and stay on top of pop culture.

Taylor Swift

Her songwriting and catchy tunes have made her a cult figure and Taylor has the Twitter following to prove it. She has 39.7 million followers and has been an active member since 2008. Nothing is slowing down this country songstress and her Twitter popularity is constantly growing.

Britney Spears

Music really does reign supreme when it comes to Twitter popularity. Spears has 36.6 million followers and promotes her latest music, Vegas shows and new perfume fragrances from her account.

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