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2 Fantastic March of Dimes Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising will take place at all times of the year. Some fundraisers are boring and bland, but other fundraisers are fun, exciting and practically draw in donations with minimal help from organizers. Some of the best fundraising ideas for March of Dimes are listed below.

Fashion Show

Are you tired of little fundraisers that do not bring in a lot of money? A fashion show is one fundraiser that can bring in thousands of dollars of donations, but the setup will not be easy.

The following will need to be done to get started:

1. You will need to contact local clothes retailers or fashion designers that sell unique clothing. Try to speak with the owner or marketing team to see if they would be interested in sponsoring the event.
2. Entice the designers by explaining that the fashion show is being highly promoted and their clothes will be on display. In fact, the clothes will be worn by the models and shown to the crowd.

Once enough sponsors have been found, remember they must donate for this privilege. Now, you will need to proceed to booking a venue.

• Malls or other high-trafficked areas work best for fashion shows.
• Choose a venue that is open and allows a lot of guests to be present.
• Ask the venue to donate the space for the event. Explain that this may be a tax deduction and that this is done for a good cause.

Securing a venue and sponsors will ensure that the event can easily take place and that you have an avenue of promoting your cause.

Promotion will need to be done in newspapers, online and at schools. Remember to target younger kids and parents as they will be most interested in the clothes displayed. Since there are a lot of avenues for promotion, this should be the least taxing part of the process. It is advised to also promote this event at local hospitals, nurseries and daycare centers. These are places where your event’s target audience will be found.

The money seen from these events will mostly come from sponsors. However, you should have a donations bin and an easy way for people to donate to the MOD.

One of the best tactics to bring in even more donations is to choose only models that would fit into the March of Dimes classification. When the model is on stage, their parent(s) can speak about their child’s time as a premature baby and how the March of Dimes is raising money to help others just like their child.

By having a relatable story being told, this will entice attendees to dip into their pockets and donate money.

Local Dinner

Local restaurants may be willing to offer free food to a certain amount of people. This is done as a sponsorship and oftentimes, all you have to do is ask the right restaurant if they would be willing to sponsor your event.

The goal is to be able to offer a free meal at the location where you can promote the MoD. This will greatly help the restaurant drum up additional business while helping you raise money for your cause. In fact, this is a great way for any business to promote themselves to locals.

Now, you can take donations at the venue.

Sometimes, a full donation will not be given. This is definitely understandable at higher-priced establishments that simply could not cover this major expense. If this is the case, you can ask for a percentage of the proceeds of the night to be donated.

This will mean that attendees do have to pay for their meal, but you will be bringing in a lot of donations thanks to the friendly restaurant owner that wants to help your cause.

If the establishment has the space, you can even choose to have a celebrity bartender provide the drinks. Oftentimes, these bartenders will donate their time for free for the cause. You do not need an international celebrity, but a local “celebrity” bartender will be more than happy to help provide the drinks for your event.

Just remember to leave a tip jar open to provide the bartender with a nice bonus for donating their time.

Fundraising ideas for March of Dimes are vast. No matter what type of fundraiser you choose to do, you can make more money by following these tips:

• Always start promoting early and ask for free promotions at every chance you get.
• If you think that you can sell food or drinks, add this into the mix as it will yield higher profits.
• Getting kids involved will ensure that your fundraiser is a success. Kids make the donation process much harder to ignore for attendees.
• March of Dimes may help you with your fundraiser. Simply visit their main office and ask.

By following these tips, you will bring in more donations and have a bigger turnout.

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