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10 Keys to a Responsive Mobile Website Framework and Navigation

10 Keys to a Responsive Mobile Website Framework and Navigation

The Anatomy of a Responsive Mobile Website

A responsive website design is a modification of the conventional web design pattern. This includes more intelligent features that respond swiftly to the requirements of the users based on orientation, platform and resolution. Below are some features that portray an efficient and responsive website.

1. The accessibility of your website should transcend all mobile devices and models.

2. Visibility levels should be excellent. Fonts and images should be of the appropriate size. Anything short of this is not user friendly.

3. Including a search function will enable users navigate and locate sections with ease.

4. There should be ease in conversion; call to action features should be visible to all. User should be able to add items to cart with ease.

5. Links for navigation should be neatly arranged not clustered. They should be visible to all.

6. The overall experience of using the site is improved when social media is incorporated in e–commerce sites. This makes it more interactive because users can make comments and review your services.

7. Mobile websites should be designed to accommodate any thumb size.

8. The flexibility of mobile sites is increased when fluid grids and flexible layouts are used. This makes the website adapt to any orientation, landscape or portrait.

9. Studies have shown that the rate of conversion on tablet devices is higher than PCs by 20%. The underscores the importance of making your mobile site compatible with these devices.

The total times it takes a website to load should be as short as possible else, there is a risk of users losing interest. Research has shown that:
• Over 70% of mobile device users expect sites to load faster on their devices.
• If a website does not load in about 5 seconds, about 74% of users will leave the website.
• About 45% of users will not return to a websites with longer loading time.

In the light of the above. Website owners must optimize their websites so they are compatible with mobile device and owners must be in touch with modern trends.

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