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10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars


YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video sharing platform in the world. In regards to website traffic, YouTube is at the undisputed third, just behind Facebook and fairly behind Google which is its parent company and also the site with most traffic at any given point in time.

Hundreds of websites have been developed and launched after YouTube became an unprecedented success. But those websites have still not been able to catch up with YouTube. It is not just the largest website to broadcast and share multimedia content; it is also the richest and the most interesting.

The Habits of YouTubers

What Happens In A YouTube Minute is an interesting take in which you would get to explore the world of YouTube.

YouTube is the site you go to when you have to watch a teaser of an upcoming movie or a full-fledged trailer. It is the site when you need to watch a video of a certain recipe. Whether you are working on your roof or experimenting with a new landscape design at your home, you will be likely to visit YouTube to get some know how and to get an idea of how to execute things. It is thus not surprising, with people referring to YouTube for anything and everything, that more than YouTube two and a half million videos are being watched in a minute. Do you know how much YouTube earns or how much revenue the site generates in one minute? It’s more than ten thousand dollars. In 2013, YouTube clocked revenues of $5.6 billion.

In one YouTube minute, a hundred hours of videos are uploaded on the site and 146,000 hours of videos are being scanned by the site. More than 1,388 YouTube channels are subscribed to in a minute and that happens almost every sixty seconds, through day and night, through weekdays and weekends.

Impact of YouTube

YouTube is a site where you can get educated, entertained, surprised, shocked, enticed and you can earn a fortune if you know how to use the site. The topmost earner on YouTube is the owner of a channel that makes more than thirteen dollars every passing minute. The last year, the channel generated an estimated revenue of seven million.

One YouTube minute is thousands of videos being uploaded, millions of videos being watched and shared and in one minute some channel owners along with the site itself are minting money.

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