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10 Great Facebook Status Update Template Examples


How To Write a Better Status Update

It’s been said that the sole purpose of social media sites is to provide our younger generations with the ability to document everything they do throughout every day they live. There’s some truth in that as you can often see status updates about going to purchase a soda, having chicken for dinner, or how much the dentist is hated. If you’re a small business looking to make an impact on social media, you don’t want your status updates to be useless and forgotten, right? Here’s some ways that you can spice up your status updates right away:

Provide helpful tips

Whether you’ve got some nifty tricks up your sleeve for getting stains out of carpet or you just have a tidbit of fun information to share, people find tips to be useful. To help your status update stand out, you can start it out by saying TIP in capital letters. The same philosophy applies to statistics, useful information, checklists, or even news updates.

Post interesting facts

Though any “fact” on the internet needs to be taken with a large grain of salt, by providing facts to your followers that are interesting, you’ll create a curiosity that encourages them to click through the provided link in your status update. It could be from a blog, a different status update, or an online article from a newspaper. What matters most is that you’ve provided an effort to share something interesting!

Don’t be afraid to endorse the content of others

In the world of social media, sharing is caring. By sharing someone else’s information, you’re also creating an opportunity to share with your followers. By endorsing a post with a positive comment, people are actually more encouraged to read what has been shared. This creates an opportunity for forming a collaborative relationship, increasing your own brand awareness, and providing value to people, all in one simple post.

Inspire people to action

A lengthy call to action in a status update isn’t going to get you anywhere. Asking people to like, share, pin, retweet, or comment on a post, however, can help get you viral activity on your posts. Because people are visually orientated, they are less likely to complete those tasks if they are not mentioned. It might seem rude or it might go against your personality to ask people to do those things, but you’re missing out on opportunities if you do not.

Add a classing P.S.

If you’ve got a somewhat lengthy status update, adding a P.S. to it that summarizes what you’ve talked about can help bring back people who have simply skimmed through what you’ve provided. It’s been repeatedly proven in e-mail marketing that this kind of marketing effort works – to see if it works for your status updates, compare a few posts with this structure to ones without it and see which one is better so that your status updates can be the best that they can be.

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