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10 Facts About INTP and INTJ Relationship Compatibility

Forging new relationships can be a very challenging yet exciting task when you find someone that you think will make for a good fit in your life. Its never easy to expect how people will act or react when meeting them, but there is always some knowledge to have when meeting others.

Some people are naturally outspoken and find it easy to make conversation, but others would rather think deeply and act rationally. Two of those people are the INTP and INTJ personality types who we will look at 10 facts about to see how they can be compatible with each other.

1. Shared Interests in Intellectual Topics
Having a conversation with someone that is about more than the weather and sports can be very refreshing and a nice change. The INTP personality is very rooted in intellectual ideas and would rather spend their time reading and learning than watching television.

For the INTJ personality, they share a very similar passion for learning more about thought-provoking and higher-level ideas. These two personalities will have plenty of interesting things to share with each other and will never run out of things to talk about.

2. Potential for Engaging and Fun Conversation
As far as conversation goes, these two people are not very likely to sit back and just let a conversation die. With their interests in very polarizing ideas and deep-rooted knowledge, these two personalities can often have debate-like conversations that are both entertaining and informative.

To the outside world, it may look like they are in the middle of a heated argument, but these two personalities thrive when they can test each other’s minds and intellectual capacity.

3. Both Hide Emotions
Having a healthy balance of reservation and openness about emotions is what any successful relationship needs to thrive. For the INTP and INTJ personalities, both of them are more likely to harbor their emotions more and will take some effort to show their true emotions to others.

It is especially important in a relationship with such a mind focused connection that each person takes the time to share appreciation and emotion for the other person for a healthy balance of feelings.

4. Trouble Taking on Projects
Every relationship can handle easy things like conversation and meeting people, but real tests come up when having to take on challenges and projects. Both of these personalities are very good at looking at the big picture of an issue in vivid detail, but they do fall short in other areas.

The main issue with the thinking style of these personalities is that they can let specific details slip through the cracks. Failing to get to all aspects of solving a problem for this pairing will only lead to failed execution.

5. Shared Values in Logic and Reasoning
The values of a person are usually what defines them the most and guides most of how they act and appear to others. Thankfully for this pairing, they are both deeply rooted in the values of logic and reason. A shared passion for topics like science and math make these two destined for learning.

When these two are in an environment where their minds are tested and learning is plentiful, they will really come alive and feel in their element with each other.

6. Will Need to Be Open about Feelings
As we briefly mentioned earlier, this relationship may struggle when it comes to emotional connection. The issue with these two personalities forming a relationship is that they are each somewhat stubborn in their ideas and would rather have an argument than settle an issue in the relationship.

The nature of these personalities takes a lot of time and energy to trust anyone, and a relationship with someone who is just as intellectually demanding will take time and energy to make work.

7. Different Life Outlooks
Despite a shared interest in learning and intellectual stimulation, there is still a slight drift in where both of these people are aiming. The INTP personality wants to work hard, but they are more focused on getting the most out of life and living in the moment.

For the INTJ personality, they are more focused on the idea of structure and achievement to the point where they would rather get a very good grade than go on an outing with friends. Compromise at times will need to be discussed to find a balance between pleasure and achievement.

8. Enjoy Learning New Things
The intellectual stimulation that is shared between these personalities leads them to both seek out new ways of stimulating and exploring their minds. Going to museums and reading about new ideas is what makes these people and happy and can help create a bond between them.

Rather than going to a concert, this pairing would rather go to a museum together where they could connect over interesting ideas and help to grow their own relationship with knowledge.

9. May Face Organization Issues
Creating a living environment with two people is one of the most difficult tasks in any relationship. The INTP personality lives without much of a sense of organization that leads them to not make rigid schedules or keep their home organized.

On the other hand, the INTJ personality likes to have a structured way of living that allows them to know what is happening and where things are. Once again, a balance will need to be found between these two lifestyles.

10. Require Varying Energy Levels
The way a person derives their energy can be a very important way for them to feel comfortable in a relationship. Thankfully, the introverted nature of these personalities both thrive on time alone and would rather spend a night at home than going out and partying.

Even with both people enjoying a slower style of entertainment, it should be known that there is never a perfectly harmonious balance between people. It will require a good deal of conversation and planning to make sure that each person is given the energy and space they need while still getting out and having fun.


It is a difficult and often taxing experience to look for and find someone who just gets you. They may be very different in some ways and be your exact clone in others, but finding a healthy balance is where the most successful relationships will lie.

For the INTP and INTJ personalities, these 10 facts are just a few of the compatibility strengths and weaknesses they may face. It takes someone putting in the time and effort to truly get to know someone.

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