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75 Thank You Messages for Teacher

To show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of your teacher, here are the best “thank you” messages to send.

1. Teacher, I could not have gotten through this year without you. Your kind words and gentle guidance helped me get through every obstacle that I faced. Thank you so much.

2. I always thought teachers were people who taught topics such as math, science, and social studies. Meeting you definitely gave me a different and deeper understanding of who a teacher is, and more importantly, what a teacher does. Thank you.

3. Every now and then, one is lucky to have a teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty to help their students. You happen to be one of those few. Thank you for a truly amazing year.

4. No words are adequate to tell you how thankful I am for you. A teacher’s job is to teach, but you taught me, guided me, and molded me, not just into a better student, but into a better person entirely. Your life lessons will be with me forever. Thank you so much.

5. I would have said, “you are the world’s best teacher,” but that wouldn’t be enough to tell you how much you have influenced me. I hope you get to see me doing great things soon. I will make you proud.

6. If I could redo this entire year just to stay in your class, I would. But even though I have to move on now, I will never forget my experience in your class. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

7. I have been so lucky to have you as a teacher. Your wisdom, care, and wit have had an immensely positive impact on me. Thank you so much for a [year/semester/quarter] I will never forget.

8. I don’t think I can ever tell anyone you were my teacher because you don’t fit into the image people have of teachers. You are what most people would call an angel. Words fail me in trying to explain how thankful I am, but for now, I’ll just say a big THANK YOU!

9. Time flies, people grow, take on new challenges, forget the past and move on, but I will never forget the time I have spent as your student. Thank you for being my teacher.

10. I look back at all the teachers I have had before you, and none have been half as dedicated as you have been. You surpass them all. I hope you know that you are the very best.

11. Through every difficult lesson, confusing sheet of homework, and tough exam question, you never stopped helping me. Thank you for working through everything with me and helping me understand. I am truly blessed to have learned so much because of you.

12. Many students would pick artists, singers, and actors as their role models, but I pick you. You inspired me to be better in every part of life, and I respect you for it. Thank you for being having my back this past year.

13. You were not just interested in the grades or state testing scores. You wanted us to really understand and you made the subjects come alive for us. That is one of the reasons why I will forever remember you as one of the best teachers of my life. Thank you.

14. A comet, a double rainbow, an eclipse. You should be added to this list of wonderful and rare things because you are extraordinary! Many many thanks to you for an incredible year.

15. It’s not every teacher who is able to leave a lasting impact on their students. I am so fortunate to have had you as a teacher this year. Thank you.

16. I know I wasn’t the easiest student or your brightest, but you guided me through this past year with patience and understanding, and I am so grateful. You are such a good teacher. Thank you for everything.

17. You came into my life as a teacher and have become so much more. You have instilled a level of confidence in me that I never thought existed. You helped to build my mind to be ready to tackle life’s challenges. You mean a lot to me. Thank you.

18. I have had different teachers in my life, but you stand out. Your lessons have really improved my ability to see and understand things quickly. Thank you a million times!

19. Words cannot emphasize enough how appreciative I am of your guidance this year. You are a truly amazing teacher with an ability to lead like no other. I am so lucky to have had you and hope to see you again.

20. I am deeply grateful for everything you have done for me. You did more than just teach me. You were a father, a mother, and a mentor all together. I learned so much from you, and I am so thankful to have had you as my teacher.

21. Thank you for being exceptional. You showed me the difference between having a teacher who teaches and having a teacher who loves teaching. I will always remember how you made school come alive.

22. When you first became my teacher, I was uncertain and doubted myself. You invested in me and gave me confidence. Thank you for caring and being there for me.

23. What can I say to you that hasn’t already been said? Thank you for your tireless efforts to improve the lives of your students every single day. It has been fantastic being your student.

24. I was told that we meet people for a reason. Meeting you made me understand the truth of that statement. You have impacted me on so many levels, and I am forever grateful for the time I have spent with you.

25. Everybody needs a teacher like you in their lives to inspire them to do better and be better. I would not be where I am without you. Thank you.

26. Someone once told me that my life would be shaped by the people I meet as a kid. I am very grateful that you have been my teacher and for how you have shaped my life. Thank you.

27. You are hands-down the most influential teacher I have ever had. No other teacher has touched my life the way that you have. Thank you.

28. From the first day to the last, you taught and grew me both academically and socially, as a whole person. You taught me many of the life lessons that shaped how I make decisions today. For [this past year/these past years], I thank you.

29. It blows my mind to reflect on how much you have done to improve my life. Not only did you teach me, but during the good times and the bad, you were there for me. I deeply appreciate you, and I owe you so much.

30. Every single day in your classroom felt like an opportunity to learn something that would better my life. Thank you for providing that space.

31. When I first met you, I just thought you were being hard on me. I did not understand that you were helping me build a better version of myself, both academically and socially. Thank you for the tough love. I needed someone to step up for me like that.

32. Thank you for this past [year/semester/quarter]. Your classroom was a safe haven from everything else going on in my life. I always felt calm and protected while with you, and am grateful for those times.

33. It’s one thing to have goals, dreams, potential, and abilities, and it’s another thing entirely to have someone who shares those dreams and is ready to build them with you. You believed in me and showed me what it means to work hard to achieve my goals. That is one lesson I will never outgrow, as it will be with me for life, and so will my memories of you. Thank you.

34. Thank you for never losing your patience with me and for helping me see the potential I had never even realized for myself.

35. Thank you not just for being my teacher but for being my number one fan, rooting for me and cheering me on all this time. I am really thankful for all you have done for me.

36. You believed in me and my abilities when no one else did. For that, I will forever be grateful. You are truly an incredible teacher.

37. You have sacrificed more for me than any teacher ever has. Your time, effort, lessons, and guidance have played a vital role in my life. I am forever indebted to you. For all this and more, I thank you.

38. Sometimes you might think you are a teacher. Of course, you are, but please know you are critical to the growth of so many of your students. Without you, we never would have gotten this far. Thank you for blessing my life.

39. Over and over again, you’ve taught me and given me the confidence to work hard and pursue my dreams. You’ve taught me that I can do it, whatever “it” may be. Thank you for teaching me to work hard and never quit.

40. Because of you, I will be ending this school year better than I was when I began. Thank you for investing so much energy into helping me succeed.

41. While this year was hard work, I am so appreciative of the skills you’ve taught me and the grit you’ve given me. I know these will serve me very well in the future.

42. While a part of me is excited to move onto a new year, a big part of me is sad to no longer have you as my teacher. You’ve been my favorite part of the year and I thank you for the memories.

43. You have reminded me that genuinely selfless people exist in this world who want me to succeed. Thank you for supporting me and for showing me my worth.

44. You didn’t have to spend the time and energy to help me when I needed extra help, but you did. You didn’t have to explain it yet again when I didn’t understand, but you did. You didn’t have to have so much patience with me, but you did. Those are just some of these reasons why you are a phenomenal teacher. Thank you for being phenomenal.

45. If there were more teachers like you in life, everybody would become successful. You have a rare passion that has inspired me to learn and grow every day. Thank you for that lifelong gift you have given me.

46. School this year would have been impossible without you. Thank you for everything you’ve done to make sure I got through this year okay. I so appreciate you!

47. If you have a tough day, I hope you can think about how you are an incredible teacher who has positively changed the lives of so many students. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you.

48. Your constant encouragement was all I needed to push myself to do my best. I am so grateful to have had a teacher that dedicated so much to helping students succeed. Thank you for this amazing year you’ve given me.

49. Your kindness allowed me to feel comfortable and welcomed into your class. Thank you for cultivating an environment that promoted my growth. I will always be grateful and remember this past [year/semester/quarter].

50. Your support, persistence, and guidance were so critical in helping me get through my years in school. Thank you for teaching me and also for preparing me for life. I will always be thankful.

51. I never fully understood why a teacher, or anyone, would be so invested in my growth, but now I know better. It takes someone who is as incredible as you to do that. You took me under your wing and had my back in every way. Thank you.

Best “Thank You” Quotes for Your Teacher

“Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.”

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
Robert Frost

“Teachers, who educate children, deserve more honor than parents, who merely gave them birth; for the latter provided mere life, while the former ensured a good life.”

“Education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.”
W.B. Yeats

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”
Malala Yousafzai

“It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.”
Colleen Wilcox

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

“When the untapped potential of a student meets the liberating art of a teacher, a miracle unfolds.”
Mary Hatwood Futrell

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”
Alexandra K. Trenfor

“The work of a teacher — exhausting, complex, idiosyncratic, never twice the same — is at its heart an ethical enterprise. Teaching is the vocation of vocations.”
William Ayres

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”
Herbert Spencer

“In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something else.”
Lee Iacocca

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils.”
Ever Garrison

“The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.”
Dorothea Dix

“Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.”
Scott Hayden

“A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.”
Patricia Neal

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”
Japanese Proverb

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”
John Maxwell

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
Clay P. Bedford

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.”
Charles Kuralt

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual.”
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.”
Joyce Meyer

“A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.”
Henry Adams

Teachers tend to work an average of 50 hours a week with almost half of them working over 20 hours per week outside of class unpaid. There are more than 7.2 million teachers in the United States. Half of them work as elementary and secondary teachers while the other half work in preschool and post-secondary education. An estimated 80% of teachers are female with 20% being in their 20’s. The below infographic provides some interesting trends and facts about teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Facts and Statistics

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