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10 Facts About ENFP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility

Relationships are forming and fading out almost every day as you meet new people and look to learn new things. As you go about meeting others and seeing the world from different lenses, you begin to see what everyone acts and lives in a different way that can lead to unique dynamics and potentially successful relationships.

As we look at the compatibility of ENFP and INFJ relationships, we can see unique personality traits and characteristics that will guide their interactions. Let’s look at 10 facts about eh relationship compatibility of these two personalities.

1. Initial Attraction May Be Bumpy
All relationships start with an initial encounter, and this is where relationships are set up to either fail or succeed. As an ENFP personality enters into a conversation, they always want to provide lots of energy and enthusiasm when first meeting someone new as they want to share connections and get things moving.

For the INFJ personality, they tend to prefer a slower dynamic when starting an interaction as it allows them to let their energy unwind more easily and with less force. Being aware of the differing initial energy levels when starting conversation will make for a solid first impression.

2. Deep Connections Possible
Having the ability to really connect with someone on a deep and meaningful level can take an ordinary relationship to the next level. ENFP personalities are really interested in getting t know what makes people tick so they can better relate and connect with them.

INFJs may take a little longer to get comfortable, but when they do, they really open up and embrace the other person. These personalities have great potential to form a really deep connection as each person has a natural idealism and desire to make things work.

3. Both Want to Help Others
Sharing similar life values and fundamental beliefs in the world can be just what a relationship needs to stay strong. Both of these personality types are dedicated and passionate about helping others, so they can easily connect and grow together.

While the ways that each personality would go about changing the world drift in different directions, the shared theme of wanting to help others is more than enough to create unity.

4. Excellent Conflict Avoidance
No matter how well a relationship is going or for how long it has been successful, conflict and argument can often tear even the best relationships apart. For the ENFP and INFJ personalities however, they are both highly empathetic and great with conflict.

The natural tendency for both of these personalities is to see the world from the other person’s point of view and with plenty of empathy. This view allows each personality to understand the emotions and feelings of the other if a conflict is to arise.

5. Interesting and Deep Conversation Potential
Having a deep and meaningful conversation with someone is often all it takes for you to naturally want to get more involved with them. For these two personalities, they are both passionate about conversation and are mainly interested in intellectual and deep topics.

They would both rather skip the pointless small talk and skip right to deeper conversations that share more about who they are. Sharing interest in deep conversation can be very helpful when trying to further a relationship’s connection.

6. Project Hiccups Are Likely
Working together in a relationship requires a balance of vision and execution that can either make a project go really well or stop it dead. The dynamic brought by these personalities is very similar in the sense that both people are likely to see the big picture very clearly but struggle elsewhere.

When these two personalities are working together, it is important for them to keep each other accountable when it comes to hammering out the more specific and minute details.

7. Good Balance of Energy
A relationship that has the same energy is nice at times, but it can be an issue if both people are feeling the same energy. The ENFP personality thrives in the spotlight and uses their extroverted nature to do a lot of talking and likes to carry the conversation forward.

The INFJ personality mainly likes to listen so that they can sit back and reflect on the conversation. However, it is important that a relationship like this is careful so that one person is not overpowering any given conversation and both parties feel listened to.

8. Can Disagree on Core Values
As we alluded to earlier, both of these personalities like to do what they can to help make things better for the future. This idealistic sense of wanting to make things better is great, but any conflicting values that appear in the relationship could cause some more serious issues.

These personalities take deep pride in their individual values, so any conflict that arises to disturb and conflict with them could hurt the relationship. Thankfully, both of these personality types are very good at seeing past small issues and remembering their core strengths together.

9. Require Different Energies
One of the major differences in certain relationships can be the energy that each person is driven with. For the ENFP personality, the rely on more external energy to get them in the mood to do things. This means that for them, going out and getting things done is a major energy source.

For the INFJ personality, they tend to derive more of their energy from quiet time alone that doesn’t require them to go out and interact with others. This difference in energy demand means that this relationship will require more focus on planning things that appeal to both people.

10. Need to Work Together to Overcome Differences
When it comes down to the base of it, all relationships are either successful or fall apart when conflict arises. Each of these personalities possess very strong beliefs and values that can at times make overcoming differences from others very difficult.
For this relationship to thrive, it requires both personalities using their compassion and similarities to get through things together. Only together and with communication will this relationship grow and thrive.


With so many interesting parallels and differences between these two personalities, the ENFP and INFJ relationship compatibility can be very interesting. There is a unique balance of energy and values that allows this type of relationship to thrive under many conditions and see the other person’s point of view.

Understanding these 10 facts about the compatibility of these personalities will allow you to have better and more involved relationships in the future.

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