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10 Essential Qualities of a Good Website


The term ‘high quality’ is overused and ill-defined. There is an exponentially growing demand of high quality content, high quality website, high quality product and high quality in almost everything around us. That’s the way it is in a fiercely competitive world. But what does high quality actually mean? What qualifies as high quality? Unless you figure that out, you cannot possibly come up with a high quality website.

10 Key Elements Of A High Quality Website would make things simpler for you. The info-graphic will shed light on certain quintessential factors that will make your content and your website better than the rest. You cannot have vague parameters or ill-defined standards to determine the quality of a website. The 10 key elements do away with all speculations and show you exactly what should be done.

One requisite for high quality is relevance and context. Every piece of content, every webpage and all details of a website have to be relevant and to be that they have to be put in the right context. Without the right context, you can never attain relevance. The content length matters when you want high quality. A 300 or 400 words webpage doesn’t do the trick. You need to provide more information. A good piece has to be a thousand words, or nine hundred at the least. You need a fine blend of text, images and videos. You may or may not indulge in graphics or animation but the concatenation of text, imagery and videos is necessary.

A benchmark of high quality content is impeccable grammar, spelling, punctuation and readability. While the ordinary reader may not care much about the grammar of a piece, it would eventually have a bearing, an unpleasant one. Readability is often overlooked. Not everything that’s written is easily readable. Any content has to flow and the narrative has to gently influence the reader’s mind. Without that, no piece of content would be relevant, contextual, readable, interesting or high quality.

From formatting to marketing, there are many aspects of a high quality website. It is not as simple as optimizing a webpage. It takes into account inbound marketing, sharing and participation of the readers or visitors to the website. There is much more to the challenge of creating a high quality website than taking a typical route to host a few web-pages. Explore the info-graphic to know more.

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