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10 Essential Catering Tips and Tricks

10 Essential Catering Tips and Tricks

The Ten Tasty Traits of Capable Caterers

1. An in depth Knowledge of cuisines is a critical trait for caterers. This helps you build the menu to specification.

2. Excellent cooking skills cannot be over emphasized as the king of catering is good cooking. To prove the quality to customers, you can offer free tastings. This would convince them.

3. Be conscious of delivering quality service within your budget. All contract details must be clearly spelled out for all parties involved.

4. Safety is everyone’s business, so you must be safety conscious. Food must be prepared in a sanitary environment and you must demonstrate your ability to transfer food safely.

5. All staffs must be trained for efficient delivery. All standards must be maintained by staffs and each staff must match customer’s needs.

6. Ensure flexibility of recipe, meals can be modified to suit special dietary requirements.

7. Make sure you are accessible. Prompt response to calls and emails proves your seriousness in the minds of your customers.

8. Make events pleasurable. Plan every detail up to the appropriate amount of drinks. Work towards an ideal execution of plans.

9. For contract based bookings, make sure contract documents contains all details pertaining to the engagement and the contract should be delivered ahead of the event

10. Make references from previous clients available as this boosts confidence in the minds of your clients.

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