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10 Brilliant Ways Content Impacts the Consumer Purchase Funnel

10 Brilliant Ways Content Impacts the Consumer Purchase Funnel

Using Content To Move People Along the Buying Cycle

Effective content is becoming more critical than ever in moving customers along the buying cycle. From generating the initial interest in the product to closing on the sale, effective content is influential, informative, and valuable. Knowing this, however, is different than implementing it. More than a third of all companies feel like their content is ineffective and barely 1 in 10 companies feel like they have effective content through all four stages of the purchasing cycle. How can you make sure that you have persuasive and effective content?

How Do You Generate Interest In a Product?

Internet users are smart, savvy, and sophisticated. They know what they need and how they can meet that need because they’ve done their research beforehand. This means that by the time they’ve made it to your website, they’re ready to make a purchase. To generate interest in your product, you’ve first got to work on establishing a relationship with that potential customer. You’ve got to work on relating your product to that person and show them that it has the value they think it has. The most effective way to do this? To create a buyer persona.

How Do You Generate a Genuine Consideration?

After you’ve built up the point that you’re willing to establish a relationship with that potential customer, you’ve got to explain to them how your product does a better job of meeting their needs than any other product on the planet. It’s basically the place where you make the sales pitch for your product, but you’re doing it in a friendly, person-to-person way instead of in an impersonal way. People are more likely to purchase something when they feel like they have a personal relationship being formed, so create a genuine consideration, your sales pitch must be personalized as much as it possibly can be.

How Do You Make Your Product Their Preference?

From a content standpoint, this is the trickiest part of the sales cycle. To get your potential customer to prefer your product over other products, you’ve got to respectfully compare the competition to what you’ve got to offer and show why you are simply better. If this is done in a disrespectful way, then you’ll lose potential customers. If you inadvertently show that a competitor’s items are better than yours, you’ll lose potential customers. By carefully steering the ship away from your competitors and toward yourself, you’ll help people understand through your content that what you have to offer is what they should prefer.

How Do You Close the Sale?

This is where an effective call to action must take place. If you can use your content to show a level of scarcity while also showing a potential customer that your product best meets their needs, then you’ll create the opportunity for a sale. Ultimately, the primary thing that a potential customer wants to see from your product is value. If you can communicate that perceived value, then back it up with real value through your content, then you’ll have guided a potential customer into becoming a real customer.

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