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6 Keys to Writing a Virtual Assistant Job Description and Hiring One

6 Keys to Writing a Virtual Assistant Job Description and Hiring One

Are You Ready To Hire a Virtual Assistant?

It’s difficult to get everything you need to get done all by yourself these days. Though it is tempting to just drink a pot of coffee and stay up late every night to get stuff done, that lifestyle will eventually catch up with you. You’ve got to learn to breathe, to let some things go, and delegate some tasks to a virtual assistant. Other people can get tasks done to a satisfactory level as well and a VA can help you get more done in less time so that you can achieve better goals. Here’s how you can find the best virtual assistant to help you.

What do you need to get done?

If there were a group of tasks that just bother you on a daily basis, but they need to get done anyway, what would they be? If you could pay someone to do it, would it make life easier? If money was no object, how many things would you allow other people to do on your behalf? Make a list of all the things that come to mind that you really hate to do because chances are you’re putting them off anyway.

Pick one of the tasks off of that list.

You don’t need to delegate everything off of the list you just put together. Chances are you couldn’t afford to do so even if you wanted to do so! Pick the one thing that gives you the most trouble and use give that task to your future virtual assistant.

Create an assignment list based off of your choice.

Think of it as a checklist for a new employee. What will the VA need to accomplish in order to successfully complete the task you are delegating to them? Are they going to need specific resources in order to find this success? Is this something that you are going to provide to them… or are you going to expect your new VA to have those resources automatically?

Figure out your budget.

How much can you honestly spend on a new virtual assistant without bankrupting your budget? This step is pretty easy – figure out if you’ve got any extra money, then take a look at how much money you might earn from the completed project.

Find great talent.

There are plenty of websites available today that have great talent at affordable prices. From eLance to Fiverr, you can get quality work at quality prices. These freelancers are looking to earn a little extra cash and you’re looking to free up a little time. Seems like the perfect combination, right?

Find two of the best.

Hire two people at first and give them the same assignment. See who comes through for you and who doesn’t. Give more work to the VA who has the best work that meets your needs and send a nice e-mail to the other person telling them that you appreciated the work they did for you.

Make sure YOU follow through.

A virtual assistant is only as good as the instructions and attention that you give that person. If you’re unhappy with the results your VA is producing for you, the first place to look may be at your correspondence with that person. Give constructive criticism, let them know they’re doing a good job, and you’ll end up having a great VA that is getting the stuff done that you really don’t like to do.

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