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10 Animals that Stay Together Forever


Did you know that romance and togetherness are not reserved for just humans? The animal world also is known to have a few long-term relationships that stand the test of time. If you are looking for bonds that last, you can turn to the animal kingdom for some great examples.

Swan Song

Swans are a perfect example of an animal that makes long term relationships a priority. The amount of years that 2 swans spend together is only 8, but there life expectancy as a whole is only 12. They normally mate at age 4 and stay with their mate for the duration of their life. This means that if you look at their relationship in “human years” most swans are together for nearly 55 years. Now that is a marriage made in heaven.

Savage Love

Wolfs might elicit images of fear and bouts of pain, but they are an animal that sticks together. Haven’t you ever heard of a wolf pack? The life expectancy of a wolf is a mere 7 years, but they begin mating at the age of one and stay with their mate for the rest of their 6 or so years that they have left. This means that wolfs find their mate at the “human age” of 11 and are together for almost 70 years. That is a bond that can’t be broken and should not be messed with.

Short and Sweet

The Prairie Vole only lives about 1 year on average, but it begins to mate about 30 days after birth. They get started fast and stay with their mate for the duration of their lifespan. This equates to about 71 years in “human years” married, which makes it an animal species that sticks together. The Prairie Vole has a short but sweet love affair.

Turtle Dove

The turtle dove might have been made famous by a popular Christmas carol, but this animal is also a great example of togetherness. The turtle dove will only live for about 2 years, but it begins mating at the age of 1. This means that in “human years” the turtle dove is with their mate for nearly 81 years. Just think about that the next time you hear about a failed celebrity marriage that lasts less than the entire lifespan of a prairie vole.

Long-term relationships are not reserved for humans alone, because many animals are great examples of true love that lasts.

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