21 Great Social Media at Work Statistics and Trends


Social Media And The Work Place

Today, social media is an essential component of just about every business industry. The obvious core of any good, effective marketing campaign, social media is quite possibly one of the most important things a business can utilize to gain exposure. The following are some facts about social media and the work place.

75.4 per cent of businesses are using social media for work purposes, leaving only 24.6 per cent that do not. Out of those who do use social media for business, the majority (27.4 per cent) have been doing so for 1 or 2 years, 21.4 per cent for 2 – 3 years, 20.5 per cent for more than 3 years and 11.1 per cent for less than a year.

52.1 per cent of all employees are allowed access to social media sites at work for personal use. 24.8 per cent of businesses only allow some employees to do this, while 23.1 per cent of businesses do not allow any employees personal access to social media sites at work.

We are also starting to see that over half (73.6 percent) of businesses do not block social media sites at work. Most (64.2 per cent) of businesses do not monitor social media site use at work and the majority of them (68.9 per cent) have social media policies in place at work.

Personal email is the most frequently checked email (over 90 per cent) in both regular employees and top management. Corporate email is checked only slightly less by all employees and management (about 90 per cent).

With regular employees, Facebook messages are checked 58.5 per cent of the time, LinkedIn messages 47.9 per cent, Twitter 22.6 per cent, blogs 21.9 per cent and so on. In top management, LinkedIn messages are checked 63.8 per cent of the time, Facebook 55.1 per cent, Twitter 39.5 per cent, blogs 22.7 per cent.

Employees are interrupting work more than they would like to (42.6 per cent of the time) to check their inboxes. 29.6 per cent check mail less frequently, only from time to time. 23.2 per cent check constantly when new info shows up and a meager 4.6 per cent only check it rarely.

When comparing social media sites, Facebook is certainly a behemoth with its 1 billion active users. Google+ comes in second with 235 million active users, Twitter with 200 million or more at any given time. LinkedIn has 160 million active users and Pinterest has 10.4 million registered users.

Social media is very important in many different settings. Your businesses can benefit greatly from utilizing the popular social media sites for an effective marketing campaign. Social media and the work place have become practically synonymous. Clearly it is very important to know the ins and outs of social media sites in order to effectively run your business.

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