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YouTube User Growth Statistics and Partner Statistics

YouTube User Growth Statistics and Partner Statistics

The Numbers behind Social Media Marketing

As we all know, social media is huge. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have changed the online landscape in new and exciting ways, and have had a lasting impact on everything from popular culture to how companies conduct their business. To really get your head around the scale, here are some interesting highlights and milestones achieved by social media sites.


• There are now over 10,000 YouTube brand partners.
• 7 million views for the T-Mobile “Royal Wedding” video.
• 12 million views for the “Will it Blend?” iPad video in just 4 months.
• 22 million plays of Old Spice’s “Mano a Mano en el Bano” in just 1 week.
• 65.5 million views in 2 years for Evian’s “Roller Skating Babies”.


• 18,000 clicks during the American Airlines’ “Tweet to win 30K Miles” ad campaign.
• 35,000 was the number of tweets with the hashtag: #LS11, following IBM’s Lotusphere conference in January of 2011.
• 20 million impressions gained by Network Solutions “GOGranny” SuperBowl campaign tweets.
• 86.5 million impressions garnered by Coca Cola’s promoted trend in June of 2010.


• There are well over 750 million users on Facebook.
• The price for Facebook ads increased by 70 % during the first half of 2011.
• 52 % of Facebook members use the site every single day.
• 92 % of social networking users are on Facebook.
• 70 % of small business owners are using Facebook in their marketing, compared to 66 % who use Google.
• Over 4 billion things are shared on Facebook per day.

Location Based Services

• There are over 500,000 merchants on the Foursquare platform.
• 381,576,305 was the number of Foursquare checkins in 2010.
• 33 % increase in checkins during McDonald’s one-day campaign that would randomly award $5 or $10 gift cards to encourage checkins.
• 400 checkins at the New York steakhouse Angelo & Maxie’s Steakhouse over a 45 day period.
• -118 Foursquare checkins in just one day at GranataPet’s 10 dog food dispensing billboards in Germany.
• 184,000 players during a 3 month SCVNGR campaign at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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