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What Your Workspace Says to Everyone


While no work station is going to be the same, there are a number of similarities shared when looking at the desks of people who are “creative.” Here “creative” can mean a reference to their particular position or a personality trait. Those who identify as creative will often have the most diverse desk setups including artwork, paintings, projects, and more. More colorful then any other desk type, these creative thinkers will litter their desk with things to keep themselves and others going. Here are some key takeaways to remember from this infographic.

1) There Are A Number of Signs You May Be A Hoarder At Your Work Desk.
The hoarder work station is easy to identify. With an emphasis on never throwing anything away, hoarder desks are often the result of trying to manage too many things at once. While a hoarder may have an important document, it might take quite some time for them to find the document in question. In fact, some people report spending up to six weeks every year trying to find things that have gone missing. A hoarders desk will have old food, papers, and office supplies poorly organized and covering most of the desk.

2) Signs That Point To You Being A Health Nut.
A number of lifestyles play out on our work desks. For those who are into being very healthy, the term “Health nut” is used to describe them. Health nuts come in three varieties. There are those that stress healthy eating with a vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise special diet. The second kind is people that stress exercising. These individuals will often decorate their office space with images of them doing various activities, and may even have sports stuff on their desk. The last kind of health nut is a combination of the first two. This person will make sure that their lifestyle is clearly on display.

3) The Emphasis On Tech.
Being a techy means coming to work with a lot of devices. Plugging in the devices and using them will often clutter a desk with multiple wires, as well as stands for various electronics. Along with a serge protector, a techie is most identifiable from the sheer variety of electronics they will be playing with over the course of the work day.

4) Those That Keep Organized.
For some, a work desk represents an extension of their lives. As a result, it is very important for them to keep everything they have organized. From developing their own filing system to making use of folders and binders, an organized individual will become quickly apparent by what you don’t notice on their desk.

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